Here is the future second LLYL 2

HI all member supermechs

To start from the beginning, it is important to know what this famous LLYL2 clan is.

Clan 2 mode allows you to group players, after join LLYL pro

for seal LLYL 1 it is necessary to be ready and to obtain good points

It just happens that we are looking for friendly and passionate players to expand our ranks

this allows everyone to progress in the game and the clan itself to progress in the collective rankings.

want to join us, I need to see your CV:

player name :

your id:

play since when:

how much time do you play here:


Idk if I should leave TP for this one…
I’ma just type cause why not.

Name:The Yo Yo Man


Played since when:Since legacy times,reloaded at 2018 febuary

How much time do you play here:Probably 1h or somethin.

I’m not fan of doing titans,kinda aight for clan wars.
Hope this info is good.


this clan is perfect for big egos…

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hi the yoyo , I thank you for writing and we will see soon to confirm

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no lol, forget to write , boss LLYL2 is: @Sabotatge

I am the boss LLYL


So the dude who came back at forums,noted.


my mistake…sorry…

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Hey y’all! And thanks Grosbite :sunglasses:


@grosboss @Sabotatge what rank do I have to be? I’m rank 11-9 on average and get about 100-200 wins per week
Name: Fyrestare
ID: 35529576
I have been playing for about 8-9 months (I can’t remember lol)
I play arena and use all my campaign energy every single day!


Man you really need some tips I got to Rank 4 in THAT time period…

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u mean when it was only 1v1s?

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No in reloaded …I mean…

well idk how I can get better like u… were u f2p when u got to rank 4?

10000% f2p

We should talk in PM we clogging this thread…

im not… I have ash creator, seraph, rolling beasts, mighty prot, max prot, ultrahot, archi, sparked runners, lightning scope, desert snek, anquish, dustmaker, (second archi) soooo yeh

hello @Fyrestare , thank you for writing

unfortunately your rank is not enough

your mechs is not yet maximum

it’s a bit difficult to know if you’re able to become pro

so ,first finished your mechs full maxi then remind me

i have it all myth weapons torso legs and drone but only 3 myth mods :frowning:

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sabotage was not that guy who used to curse in left and right when he lose?

Well good for you.
There are other forum users, like me, who are at the same pace as fyrestare.

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