Here he go again.Which one should I transform?

The physical build has a Void as a drone while the energy one has a Windforge (both legendaries).
So I was thinking on either Void or the Iron Boots.
If you think I should go for something else on either build,please write it down below.

  • Void
  • Iron Boots (on phys mech mech)
  • Something else (leave a comment)

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I think that you should transform the annihilation.
Personaly that is what I would have done.

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windforge Id say.


I think you should transform the iron boots on the physical mech


upgrade upgrade upgrade. :smiley: i think you can buy some upgrade at amazon if you want the SM will become beast than wolf

Second annihilation :sunglasses:

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i’d say for you to use that grimreaper to its max. you are an energy drainer, and that means you use a lot of energy. If you don’t want to, I would definitely say double anni


Void is definitely before Boots, at least in my opinion. Having an additional ~100 hp isn’t as good as Void hitting 60+ damage each turn.

If you’re paranoid of energy, then Iron Boots all the way.

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Amazon? Isn’t that some real life stuff? Get the ## out of here, we don’t have real lives! We live in the game

You should upgrade the boots


transform hyserteria i think thats what its called

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There have been many opinions and plenty of choices to choose from…
You mf’s sure gave me a couple ideas I’m gonna follow,too.
But the people have spoken and it seems that Iron Boots get the medal this time.
Thank you for all the votes!

I have thought of that countless times actually.
I did the math on everything multiple times and,after several attempts,I concluded that I’d work better with Sith.
Trust me,it was a super hard decision,knowing I have already found myself in that posture when I upgraded Naga to myth only for me to later give up on it and use it as fusion material (and yeah,that was a sad day)…
Don’t wanna do that again…

hahahaha :smiley: sorry i thought it was RL