[Helping Devs with Balance] Which of these Underused PHYS Items need a Buff?


Isn’t that a bit too much like Nightfall Jr then?

NIGHTFALL (49) 2-4 Range 248-366 PysDmg -11 PysRes 3 Uses (31/31 Cost)
BLOODWEEP(L) (34) 2-4 Range 147-209 PysDmg -20 PysRes 3 Uses (31/31 Cost)

Bloodweep’s design is about lighter weight, less damage, but more PhysRes damage

I’ll put the recommendation as +10% dmg, +20% PsyRes, +10% weight for now but of course ultimate buff decision is up to Devs


Just so you know, here are the minimum and maximum damage of a 15% buffed Bloodweep…

Your Nightfall Junior is juniorer than a junior…

Because the maximum damage of the buffed BW is still lower than a normal NF’s minimum damage…