[Helping Devs with Balance] Which of these Underused PHYS Items need a Buff?


Time to speak up! Let the Devs know which weapons are underused and what specific buffs, you’d like to see implemented. I’m going to eventually combine this list with the Energy and Heat lists, along with all the most popular suggested specific buffs, into one superlist.


Pick the 3 you think most need a buff and post some suggested buffs below…

  • GRAVE DIGGERS (123) 2 Jump 287 HP 223-285 PysDmg 2 Push
  • GREEDY(L) (20) 72-117 PysDmg -10 PysRes (16/16 Cost)
  • HURLBAT (28) 135-196 PysDmg -6 MaxHeat/En (16/16 Cost)
  • ARMOR ANNIHILATOR(L) (20) 2-4 Range 39-52 PysDmg -40 PysRes 1 Use (0/0 Cost)
  • ARMOR DISSOLVER(L) (18) 2-4 Range 41-55 PysDmg 3 Push 2 Uses (0/62 Cost)
  • PURIFIER(L) (49) 2-4 Range 163-213 PysDmg (0/0 Cost)
  • BLOODWEEP(L) (34) 2-4 Range 147-209 PysDmg -20 PysRes 3 Uses (31/31 Cost)
  • SWEETIE(L) (42) 3-6 Range 169-256 Pys Dmg -10 PsyRes -48 MaxEn 3 Uses (31/31 Cost)
  • OTHER (Please post and explain)

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Forgot the desrt fury… ni need for explanatiins, same as bloodweep and greedy…


Spartan Carnage needs a buff.

Purifier would like a Physical Damage increase of 201-301.

Sweetie shall get a Physical Damage increase of 179-266 and Physical Resistance Drain increase to -12.

While on the hand, Bloodweep needs Physical Damage increase of 157-219 and Physical Resistance Drain increase to -26, making a Short Range Desert Fury.


I’m good with Purifier damage increase…

  • using about 15% we’d get damage 187-245

Greedy’s damage is also too weak-ass

  • I’d bump up damage 15% to 83-135

Armor Dissolver

  • OK, this thing is L-M and actually worse than the C-E version because of it’s higher energy costs
  • Again, I think 15% increase damage is needed (48-64) as well as come on, for an L-M, give this thing 3 uses!

If I had a #4, I’d go with Armor Annihalator to do -45 Res damage to make it more worthwhile


Pick 3 options??? 3???

All of them need a buff, man.

Grave diggers - weaker than energy/heat counterpart so buff is obvious
Hurlbat - buff isn’t as obvious as it can do more max damage than a Void but it has no res drain
Purifier - damage is weak af
Greedy - damage is weak af
Bloodweep - damage is weak af
Sweetie - damage is weak af
Armor Dissolver and armor Annihilator - don’t even need to explain lol


3 choices is too less…

I’d go one by one:

  • Grave Diggies: They’re still pretty light, so if you want a buff, start with small buff values…
  • Hurl Baseball-bat: No opinion on it, never used one
  • Armor Annihilator: deserve a buff in resistance drain and damage, or Resistance drain and weigh…
    Elemental counterparts seems more useful…
  • Armor Dissolver: a dead case, unless uses scale with tiers
    1 use for Rare tier and 2 uses for Epic tier (for Repulser), 3 uses for Legendary tier and 4 uses for Myth tier
    Or at least use the classic scheme of “2-uses-at-the-3-lowest-tiers-then-3-uses-for-Legendary-and-above”
  • Purifier: never used one, no opinion
  • Sweetie: see Hurlbat and Purifier

And to finish, I talk about a category of item:

  • All resistance-drain-focused items (Greedy, Bloodweep, Desert Fury are the ones coming to my mind) needs at least a damage buff to make them competitive and worthwile against raw-power-based items, since the Doubled resistance Arena Shop Update screwed them even more they actually were…


sorrow :v +12 max heat damage and -1 heat cost


I think bloodweap should have its drain increased to -35 and greedy should have its increased to -15


just make greedy energy free


giving phys an energy free drone would mean energy is fucked. heat is already now much stronger against us as they have a new energy free weapon which synergises with magmas aswell as a new powerful drone. giving phys a buff vs energy would be a big middle finger to energy.


I don’t think making Greedy Energy-free and leaving its stats alone (maybe tweak the weight/heat cost) would really be a mddle finger…


yep, but this so low damage drone only with res drain, that not drone like fs or hp which have a high 250+ damage


So tell me if I’m correct here…

Purifier is the Energy Free option and you’d like damage buff, that’s pretty straight forward… let’s say 15%

  • PURIFIER(L) (49) 2-4 Range 188-245 PysDmg (0/0 Cost)

Bloodweep, you want more phys damage AND phys res damage, fair enough, we can add 10% each

  • BLOODWEEP(L) (34) 2-4 Range 162-230 PysDmg -22 PysRes 3 Uses (31/31 Cost)

Sweetie, same thing, more phys damage and phys res damage, so also about 10% each

  • SWEETIE(L) (42) 3-6 Range 186-282 Pys Dmg -11 PsyRes -48 MaxEn 3 Uses (31/31 Cost)

As a Heat and Energy Mech user mainly, I’m OK with those numbers to see more of those weapons in the game :grinning:


I’d say Purifier could go…
Sweetie, could go for me too…

But for Bloodweep, AT LEAST make the damage spread be like 177-251, and (not forced) resistance drain to be -25…(if really stats seems overkill for the weight, you can increase it BY A LITTLE ^^)
2 more resistance shred/shot, 6 more shredded resistance/clip is somewhat forgettable…


I noticed the developers have a certain finite “Power” assigned to all weapons… if you increase one aspect, it has to be made up for in another

If you wanted PhysRes damage higher, then you wouldn’t be able to get the increase in PhysDmg

What would you rather have:

  • 10% increase to each as initially suggested OR
  • No change to damage but -24 PhysRes?



Not even an earthquake could change my position…

And did you forgot that actually, res-draining focused weapons are light-weighted ones ?
So…why not increase both direct damage and resistance shredd, WHILE increasing the weight…

Problem solved :white_check_mark:


OK, point taken…

how about 10% to damage (162-230), 20% to Phys Res (-24) but yes, it is gonna cost you some weight, 10% but we can round down… so 37kg


to make purifier a good item i should go in that stats need add more 10-70 of damage in both base damage and max damage resistance drain like 2 in legendary and 4 in mythical and if needed more weight or less weight this is a idea and if was buffed like archimonde like a tiny amount more of hp 22/22/22 resistance and 1 point heavier than zarkares it should be 340 of weight


There is NO help for the devs, they destroy their own game step by step :exclamation:




15% to damage, -24 resistance, and 15% more weight (rounded up: 40kg) to me ^^

Still lighter than Nightfall and have more utility now ^^