[Helping Devs with Balance] Which of these Underused HEAT Items need a Buff?


Time to speak up! Let the Devs know which weapons are underused and what specific buffs, you’d like to see implemented. I’m going to eventually combine this list with the Energy and Phys lists, along with all the most popular suggested specific buffs, into one superlist.


Pick the 3 you think most need a buff and post some suggested buffs below…

  • SWOOP(L) (22) 55-90 ExDmg 58 HeatDmg -5 ExRes (31/31 Cost)
  • IRON FRENZY(L) (52) 4-8 Range 203-265 ExDmg 71 HeatDmg -5 ExRes (16/47 Cost)
  • DESERT SNAKE(L)(63) 4-8 Range 192-329 ExDmg 71 HeatDmg -7 Cooling 1 Pull (25/75 Cost)
  • HERONMARK(L) (43) 1-2 Range 193-311 ExDmg 78 HeatDmg -9 ExRes 1 Jump (13/50 Cost)
  • CHAOS BRINGER(L) (49) 1-2 Range 203-265 ExDmg 71 HeatDmg (16/47 Cost)
  • BASSALT DISSOLVER(23) 2-4 Range 32-65 ExDmg 44 HeatDmg -40 ExRes 1 Use (0/0 Cost)
  • SORROW(L) (66) 2-4 Range 163-213 ExDmg 93 HeatDmg -12 MaxHeat (0/31 Cost)
  • FLAMINATOR (47) 3-6 Range 148-228 ExDmg 93 HeatDmg -24 MaxHeat (110/0 Cost)
  • OTHER (Please post and explain)

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Crimson Rapture needs a buff.

For Chaos Bringer, just increase Heat Damage to 93.

For Flaminator, increase Explosive Damage to 168-248 and Heat Damage to 96.

For Iron Frenzy, increase Explosive Damage to 233-285

And if possible for Desert Snake, increase Heat Damage to 93.


I really like Chaos Bringer Heat Damage to 93

I’m gonna wait to see what others say for the rest


Sorrow needs about a 15% increase in overall damage

  • Explosive Damage needs to increase to 187-245
  • Heat Damage needs to increase to -14

Bassalt (and all the other Armor Dissolvers) need to go up to -45 Res to be worthwhile


the swoop drone is the only heat item that needs a buff. heatpoint outclasses it by a mile


I’d say increase damage a bit, like 15% to 64-94 and then reduce the Cost to more like 25/25


It’s a Heat Drone, so it’s bound to have more Heat Costs.

So, 25/31 is good.


Yeah, but that convention was already violated by making it 31/31 in the first place

The thinking is Heatpoint is 50 Heat… 25/25 would be more in lines of making Swoop the energy using version (same overall Heat/Energy Cost), with lighter weight

Would be nice to see more Heat Mechs that can incorporate Energy into their build, instead of just trying to go energy free

  • a lower energy cost Swoop and Flaminator would help


What would people rather see on Chaos Bringer (which is the equivalent of Big Daddy for Energy)

  • Increased Heat Damage (71–> 93)
  • Increased Explosive Damage (increase by 15%)

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Yeah, heat don’t have enough power… poor boys…


I’m thinking 10% increase to Iron Frenzy Damage AND Res Dmg makes the most sense

  • IRON FRENZY(L) (52) 4-8 Range 224-292 ExDmg 71 HeatDmg -6 ExRes (16/47 Cost)

Same thing with Swoop as HeatPoint outclasses it by a mile. I also think it’s total use cost should be down to 50 total (as is HeatPoints). It is after all Legendary.

  • SWOOP(L) (22) 61-99 ExDmg 58 HeatDmg -6 ExRes (25/25 Cost)

And for Chaos Bringer, I think 10% to Expl Dmg and 10% to Heat Dmg makes the most sense as well just to make it more effective overall

  • CHAOS BRINGER(L) (49) 1-2 Range 224-292 ExDmg 79 HeatDmg (16/47 Cost)


I wonder if you really think they want help.


Shouldn’t every decent game developer want feedback from their players?


is a meta of people having resist over 100 , its entiirely useless for the resist dissolver series to exist , why waste a turn and barely do any difference on your enemy , not mentioning it only get worse from legacy shields


I wouldn’t say useless, but definitely underpowered

In theory, you would potentially do an extra 40 x 3 = 120 damage per turn, by using the Dissolver type weapons

In reality…

Turn 1: use Dissolver (not drone, you’re actually losing more damage here)
Turn 2: + 120 damage
Turn 3 : + 80-120 damage (depending on if overheated or forced to move)
Turn 4: + 80-120 damage (depending on if overheated or forced to move)

If you used a weapon that did 300 damage instead of the dissolver, it’s not until about Turn 5 that it actually comes close to paying for the missed turn to do damage to that Specific enemy Mech (they can always switch too)

So, in the end, the dissolver weapons are underpowered


Exactly, the decent ones wants.


I remember when I first started playing Mohadib was a top ranked player (I could be wrong but I remember seeing him up there)… anyways, now we don’t… who knows why, life gets busy, other things take priority, whatever…

Anyways, I really don’t think these guys play much of their own game…

With that said, I certainly don’t mind gathering community feedback on what some of the underused weapons are, and presenting it to the development team…

  • A bad development team, will say: “Yeah, whatever, F off!!”
  • A good development team, wil lsay: “Thank you, we’ll at least take a look.”

All I can do is present the news… afterwards it’s on them what they do with it


Agreed with everything you said Cousin Joe! Exactly my point. :slight_smile:


How about instead of getting to hasty about buffing let’s nerf this abomination known as the heat point first?