[Helping Devs with Balance] Which of these Underused ENERGY Items need a Buff?


Dynamic Stompers do not need a buff.
They are supposed to be lightweight,also givind less hp.

Charged walkers to not need a buff either.The Iron Boots counterparts are for extra hp.

Delerium does need a buff.Right now,it’s just a longer range UltraBright.

BrightRoar did already get a buff and I think it is okay.Maybe a tad bit of electric damage,but just a little.

The StormWeaver definitely does not need a buff.

BigDaddy does.Short range UltraBright,pretty useless compared to Ash or other weapons.

The Blizzard Dissolver…I don’t know.
Maybe add a little damage to it along with that 40 res drain.

Hot Flash definitely doesn’t need a buff either.Dude,it’s an energy-free Malice Beam!


It’s UltraBright, the gun you replaced. Also yeah it does need one.

No, this blade is dangerous enough to be used by Top Players, no more buffs.

What needs a buff is HeronMark.

Add a bit more Energy Drain, and it’s good.

Nah it’s good.

I’ve been seeing players are widely using it. They equip it with Bunkers and Vikings, pretty scary stuff to be hit with 500 damage.


Agressively yes, I want to see more rounded phys mechs get clapped


EMP is fine as it’s.


Interesting poll results.

More people support an emp buff than don’t but those who don’t support it are much stronger in their opinion on average.


Thank you.
I’ll edit it right now.


If it were to have more energy damage,then it would be a mass draining weapon.
We already have a mass draining,L-M,close range weapon,that goes by the name of the mighty Ash Creator.
Instead,make this one damage-oriented and increase its electric damage.


OK, will put together the superpoll soon… seems like more people would prefer the increased Electrical Damage increase to Big Daddy, than more Energy damage

Fair enough… high damage without push is what it will be, along with it’s Heat cousin Chaos Bringer