[Helping Devs with Balance] Which of these Underused ENERGY Items need a Buff?


Time to speak up! Let the Devs know which weapons are underused and what specific buffs, you’d like to see implemented. I’m going to eventually combine this list with the Phys and Heat lists, along with all the most popular suggested specific buffs, into one superlist.


Pick the 3 you think most need a buff and post some suggested buffs below…

  • DYNAMIC STOMPERS (118) 2 Jump 372 HP 154-217 ElDmg 58 EnDmg 1 Push
  • CHARGED WALKERS (122) 2 Jump 413 HP 143-187 ElDmg 48 EnDmg 1 Push
  • DELERIUM(L) (56) 4-8 Range 203-265 ElDmg 95 EnDmg -5 ElRes (47/16 Cost)
  • BRIGHTROAR(L) (57) 1-2 Range 193-311 ElDmg 103 EnDmg -9 ElRes 1 Jump (50/13 Cost)
  • STORMWEAVER(L)(56) 1 Range 244-319 ElDmg 114 EnDmg -32 MaxEn 1 Push (50/13 Cost)
  • BIGDADDY(L) (53) 1-2 Range 202-265 ElDmg 95 EnDmg (47/16 Cost)
  • BLIZZARD DISSOLVER (24) 2-4 Range 34-70 ElDmg 63 EnDmg -40 ElRes 1 Use (0/0 Cost)
  • HOT FLASH (66) 3-6 Range 148-228 ElDmg 123 EnDmg -24 MaxEn (0/110 Cost)
  • OTHER (Please post and explain)

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Valiant Sniper needs a buff.

BigDaddy needs Electrical Damage Increase to 222-275.

Delerium needs 222-275 increase to Electrical Damage too.

While for the Other Item, Recoil Stompers, which bears these stats :

Needs Energy Damage Increase to 48.


You forgot Bunker Shell …


none of these need a buff


All the Armor Dissolver type weapons need to go at least -45 Res

StormWeaver needs to get 1-2 Range like BrightRoar

Hot Flash has potential to be an Awesome I temas it can encourage more rounded energy builds (and less trolls). However, at 110, that Heat cost is just insane… I’m thinking more Ash Creatorish numbers, like 93


Inb4 someone says EMP and all hell breaks loose.


I think EMP needs a buff

It’s got too little damage and barely does anything


You want +10% Energy Damage? I also want too.


How about 20%? Even 30%, if that’s the case, why not 40%, practically 50%. Let’s be generous and do 60% which is almost 70%, which by then is 80%. And who cares now, let’s to 100%


I’m not joking here.


Clearly, I am.


And you are.

Maybe 5-10% increase is fine, no need for bringing back the Old EMP of +20%.


EMP should be buffed

  • Yes
  • No
  • Aggressively Yes
  • Aggressively No
  • Unsure/indecisive

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EMP             (70) 2-4 Range   37-61 ElDmg 334 EnDmg 1 Uses              (393/0 Cost)

I’d actually be OK with either a 10% Energy Increase or a small Electrical Damage Increase, like 50% (56-92)


No, just make it 100-101 Damage.

And if 10% Increase, would be about 368.4 Energy Damage, so let’s round that off to 369 or 368.


369 since all values are rounded up…

But I want to say, the EMP nerf crushed methodically its purpose when first introduced: deals the same amount of energy drain as energy cost (without Arena Shop bonus)…

I would say, make the EMP have its Energy Cost and Energy Drain equal BUT with decreased numbers, to avoid the pre-nerf s***storm…

And keep the Heat Bomb as it is, EMP and HeatBomb are differents !


Im using one right now, so im pro.
When ill stop using it, ill be against a buff of emp.

Yes plize. As you can read, im all out for the good of the player base, just like everybody else…


Why not

Basically against the point of this weapon…:smiley_cat:

Swords=> pull yourself
Axes=> push the opponent (was actually the case before the introduction of the Hammers, now they’re more energy-dependant stomp on steroids…)
Hammers=> push the opponent far away

TBD, but I’m taking gloves with buff values to Hot Flash and Flaminator, they seems quite unstable…


Less heavy(20 characters)


What would people rather see on BigDaddy (which is the equivalent of Chaos Bringer for Heat)?

  • More Energy Damage (95–> 123)
  • More Electrical Damage (Increase by about 15%)

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