Help With Top Weapon Item

That Drainest similar More than Variant Sniper?

Here you go:

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Thx @Fluxeon You Are Maxed


What Top Weapon Name Is?

Valiant sniper is brutal and tough to overcome . New game new strategies I suppose .

Spartan Carnage. It’s only legendary, useless


-23 resist wtf ?! 29 weight?

since when were people interested in res drain i got told not to worry about it

basura de arma, esta entre las peores para físicos, solo la energy es como una supernova, pero la física esta muy lejos de serlo…

Res drain is important if you’re playing physical. :slight_smile:

Less relevant for heat, and even more so for energy.

Not true Flushy! You out of all the players must admite to the most OP wepon in game… the one and only ElectroCop!!! Fear that power!.
Joke aside, with the new drone that hits like a mule,highest hitting drone in game atm. Paired with high res drain energy wepons, can be a new trend in builds, high dmg output energy builds.


That drone is OP hopefully players can’t get it anymore and it only shoots x3 times, I wonder what it looks like upgraded or MAXED

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There you go

Many thanks to @Nagibator he is the one that posted it


Thats Drain is OP…

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And mythical…

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He is russian? Always insult me in battle


It will be a very strong drone … but consumes energy like a horse


I see three uses but in a recent replay I see Blackman fire off five shots with it . How is that possible ?

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that can’t be right? Unless he holesters it and draws it again… but even at myth the drone onle has 3 uses…

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If he resets it will fire 3 more with each reset.

I agree with others it’s OP to the point of having 3 monster ELE guns per MECH. If you have an extreme ELE level with extreme regen ability you might be able to battle it… MIGHT

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