Help with my mech


So i need Help, what should i USE my tokens on now? And what to do with my mechs to improve them? Thanks for the Help! :slight_smile:


Well the hp is a little low but the stats are pretty good, try maxed the plates cause they are good, then try transform weapon on 2nd mech then work on the engeins out


Thats my plan, just maxed both legs so Im getting the hp up on the phy mech.


Nice, btw what Lv and rank are you?


Pfft GOT to lvl 150 noe, and as you see didnt get too much good stuff, rank 6 atm.


How do you have so much HP on your first mech without any plates!?


Zakares has about 1200 hp.
Iron Boots is around 400.


My torso and legs ate both maxed


i’d say boost phy dmg

and for mech…
maybe take off the backbreaker from your first mech, maybe change it for another weapon (maybe the heat hammer)
also equip at least 2 iron plates in your 1st mech… change whatever you think you need to for them cause it needs hp

for your 2nd mech just max your mods… maybe if this is made to counter energy change that one heat engine for another energy engine or just keep it the same


My goodness, you have both Units? Amazing!


Personal advice, modules are everything; dont neglect your resistances and storage units. They are extremely nice items (phys res is for me the most OP item in the game).


Ok guys, but what about my tokens? What should i USE them on now?


Physical damage of course…


i would say, you should build a decent heater, anty heat/phis.
And a phis that is anty energy/phis.
1st mech.
Let go of the axe, you have stomp. -44 kg.
Then let go of the pushing thing. i think is 7k …-7 kg.
Put a HeatBomb, 50 kg.
replace the energy engine and regen booster with an epic plate hp plate. +145 hp. 1759 total hp.
upgrade 3 heat engine to mythical, and also the protector.
Replace after that the heat storage and energy storage for another epic hp plate +145 = 1904 hp.
Now for the final touch, replace orb cannon with dessolation or supremme cannon.
You should end up with 2 kg spare.
final stats:
1904 hp.
60ish allround resist.
193 energy.
579/238 cooldown
without Arena Coins Buff.
2nd mech:
Make it an anty energy/phis
Place both heat and energy storages, from the other mech on it.
Upgrade hp plates, and myth the energy engines and storages, and phis protector.
Final stats:
1895 hp.
81 phis res.
529/160 regen.
435/123 cooldown.
Without arena Coins Buffs.


wow nice mechs there man
i think u should get exp dmg to 20% not the heat one no the dmg one
then do ur phys to 20%
then do ur heat one that do more heat :smiley:


Off topic, I just faced you in arena :stuck_out_tongue:


There is already a heatbomb on it, and there is no push item on it either.


Your mechs are far better than mines in terms of equipment, Just max things out and you’ll be good