Help With Mech?

Hello! Noob here. Please decide if this build will be competitive in the long run. I am strict f2p so I never hope to get a myth plate.

My premium boxes seem to give me nothing but torsos, legs, and night eagles. I wanted to go physics but I only have hammers and one annihilation, and hurlbat. I also have two savagery and a lot of CLs but my only good drone is clash. I don’t know if it can pair well with heat dmg builds.

Thx :grin:

ok, you have a long way to go here. Try to get a Zark tors, as you mentioned that you get torsos a lot. Second, Annihalation and nightfall with backbreaker is a good beginner setup. Add more energy while you wait, and take of supreme canon. Your mech will have at least 80 regen, a desolation, a backbreaker, an annihalation, and a nightfall. Also, use iron boots instead of devouring paws. Make sure your cooling cools at least half of your heat cap. Your current mech will get rekt by a dual CL, or dual MB. Furthermore, if you go against someone with crimson Rupture, you will be dead meat. use epic modules to help make your mech better. Farm ramboy. If you need help to farm any bosses, go here.

Hi Dark… I would hold my horses if I were you… Your advice is well… not entirely useful… This is what I think:

  1. You need to make a big decision first - which type do i want. Physic, ele or heat. The current meta is as follows: physics are the weakest of three. Do you want to regret ever chosing physicals after getting recked by energy for a thousandth time? I would advice you against physicals. Brutality is a very good torso for a heat mech, but you can do decent energy as well. So I suggest going for heat. Upgrade Desolation, stay with Supreme Cannon, it is an awesome weapon. All you need is a push weapon to push enemy in range of SC - perhaps one day you land a Reckoning (shotgun)? If not, you can always use repulser. But desolation is energy free, so you laugh at electrics. And stay with Paws, they are the best heat legs. One day you grow to look like this:
    As you can see, you can do great with this setup. Paws + Brutality is great. Also, Clash is perhaps the best damage drone. Other is Murmur, but it goes well with Corrup Lights and other boiling oriented heats. The most important thing is use what you already have, and since you have maxxed Brutality, stick to it! BTW, this beast is 2007 hp. Without a single myth plate.

Is boss farming more rewarding? I didn’t know. I am doing the mission 6 in the big boy world right now, and it also gives fortune boxes occationally.

Looks badass. I don’t have dawnblaze either, though :frowning:. I kinda like heating builds more than dmg builds, but clash is for dmg.

By the way, I also have one legendary iron boot, MB, and ultrabright. I am currently using them to farm, but I don’t think they can give me a good mech in any meaningful way.

that mech is pretty good but I feel like you could add another DB, magma blast, and remove reckoning Or, you could keep the reckoning and do the same thing, but would have to remove something in the module section