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Henlo :). I need your help with modules. I think i have too many heat engines for energy mech (2). While i fight vs energy mech, i always lose because opponent have more energy, than me. What do you think? I need your advice. Thanks :slight_smile:

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The usual place for those questions is here:

Bro , your mech is a Godlike energy mech , it just lacks a little bit of more Heat , replace the energy Regen Module with that Legendary Maxed heat module you have , also if you want more health in your mech replace the legs with other Legs specifically these ones :
And max them out , also when you get a Legendary Resistance Module Of all Elements Replace it with that Mythical Explosive Resistance you have
Have a good Day :slight_smile:

Eeeeeem… Okay…

Also welcome @Void_Ray! You have a good setup, but you have a lot of free weight! Also you lose vs energy mechs because of cap ( emp and 650 cap not best synergy even 350+ regen cant help there) you can try change regen booster on another energy engine (got little less regen, but better cap and also fit in energy standart 700/300)

P.s. which utilities and drone you use?

Good evening. I use Face Shocker.

Just have a booster and two energy mods. The heat mods can stay. Replace the heat prot with Maximum as it’s better to have a res to be on all and add a Plating for hp. 1700 hp is weak and it’ll get drilled by a nightfall, night eagle and tonto combo

Hmmmmm. This mech planned as anti-energy and maybe physical mech. 2 energy engine and 1 booster give a little energy. UltraHot Protectot I’ll replace on my 2 mech while he’ll have enough heat. On this mech I’m planning to put epic energy Protectot. What about Plating I don’t know. Maybe I’ll change heat engine to plating.

If you’re going anti ene then go for a dual deso high HP build since you’ll only need three heat mods, one prot and the rest is platings

Yes, i have it. But what i need to do with my 1 mech?

It’s like this. You don’t need double repulsor, you’ll just need one. You can use flame spear or any other heat drone that can damage

EMP mechs should have at least 700 energy imo. Address that first bro

I’m not completely sure about mods, but this is LG’s dual deso. I’d recommend something like this.

This is my version of a dual deso build, but I don’t have plats so I use irons which isn’t nearly as good.

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Thanks you all for advices, but i don’t understand what i do with me 1st mech. If he bad anti-energy mech i need rebuild it for anti-physical or anti-heat?
P.S. is 650/350 good for valiant sniper?

That can work for valiant sniper yes, you might have trouble fighting an EMP mech but depending on your rank that should be good up to about r5.

Ok. If you helped me with 2nd mech, can you help me with 3rd? :3. I need help with modules. Also i have Hardened Platinum Vest. Maybe Hardened Platinum Vest will be better than Lightning Platinum Vest for my setup?

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Actually that mech isn’t half bad bro! I would recommend keeping LPV on it as it’s a lot more useful that HPV. HPV is basically only used as an energy counter which makes it useful for some raids and campaign missions with tough energy mechs. I can make a few different mod configurations in a minute, but do you have charge, grapple and teleport on it? (Also what drone)

Hi. Yes, i have all this. I use Tonto

Okay, I’ll give u a few options. One minute please

This is a pretty decent rounder and you shouldn’t have too many problems other than frantics. Another option could be:

These are both rounders, if you want a counter just add a couple plates and remove either energy mods, or heat mods.

Edit 1: IMO, the first one is better.

I tried to copy your module setup, but i have overload. What drone and utilities do you use?