Help on second mech

so my main is damage heater and my second mech i want to make phy or elec for phy i have 1 night fall, 1 night eagle, one spartan carnage and other bad epic phy weapons torso would be zark and phy legs
and i could make a elec i have have windforge or face cancer and then malice beam,hysteria,last words and 1 emp. i am lacking valiant sniper which is pushing me away from making energy torso would be naga with lightning supporters.

i dont have any l-m modules and im getting the heat and energy modules for the mechs. based on my weapons and such i want to know which one would be better.

right now i am using zark and heat legs. with lvl 40 savagery, corrupt light. a lvl 20 vandal and a lvl 1terror cry. this is so the mech can do something in battle

sorry this has lots of text but i cba to take screen shots

Make a phys. Ditch the night eagle for an annihilation and you’ll be good to go. Would be more helpful if you had screenies of mods


i dont have a ani rn thats the problem
edit: the spare mods i have are 1 energy engine 1 energy mass booster and 2 heat engines but thats not my problem rn

You’ll have to wait for an annie… Don’t upgrade night eagle but you can still use it while you’re waiting however. Unless you want to ditch the Spartan for night eagle; but spartan is better

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so so i should upgrade my phy stuff execpt for night eagle


He has a spartan carnage, screw the night eagle. He can run NF/ANI/SC (when he gets an ani).

Then 3hp plates, 3 energy, 2 heat (arena boosts will help compensate for losses here).


yh i know and that build will be really good but i cant get an ani for my life hope i do soon though

Nah, just wait for it.

When I built my physicals, I was struggling to find ani’s and NF’s. Now they drop pretty often.

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kl that happened to me for modules i got none for like a month but now there are days where i got 2 energy engine and 2 heat engine and days i dont but i do get more modules so lets hope ani’s start dropping

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rn i have 3 spare heat mods 1 energy and 1 regen booster are those good for a phy mech (i use 3 epic plates) if they are not good tell me then i will boost them last