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Back when there were 1v1s, 2v2s, and 3v3s, I played this game a lot. I used to be a solid Rank 8 in 1v1s, and my mech used to be pretty good at the time. However, as time went on I ended up getting bored of the game, and stopped playing for a few months. I saw that there were only 2v2s, and all of my friends were getting better at the game. I decided to play this game again, played a few games and dropped down to RANK 13! My second mech was still pretty trash. I built it up and now I’m a Rank 11, which is still a MAJOR difference from Rank 8. At this point, most of my friends were Ranks 6-9. They are saying that my builds are trash. What am I doing wrong? Suggestions?

Since I’m a new user, I can’t post more than 1 image, so I might as well list all my stats:

Primary Mech (Energy) This was the Rank 8 Mech in 1v1s back when there was 1v1s:

Mech Summary:

  • 1229 HP
  • 313 Energy
  • 118 Regeneration
  • 337 Heat
  • 178 Cooling
  • 23Phy / 23Exp / 17Ele
    -1 Walking 2 Jumping


  • GrimReaper (Mythical LVL 23) People told me the Naga is a lot better. I don’t know, but back when I was playing, the GrimReaper was the absolute best energy mech in the game. Did it get nerfed, or the Naga get buffed?

  • Lightning Supporters (Legendary LVL 30)

  • Face Shocker (Actually Insane) (Mythical LVL 4)

  • Last words (Legendary LVL 31)

  • Last words (Legendary LVL 40)

  • Malice Beam (Mythical LVL 22)

  • Malice Beam (Mythical LVL 23)

I love Malice Beams and they used to be so good back when I played.


  • Cooling Mass Booster (Legendary LVL 1)
  • Cooling Mass Booster (Legendary LVL 1)
  • Energy Mass Booster (Epic LVL 1)
  • Heat Engine (Legendary LVL 1)
  • Heat Capsule Unit (Epic LVL 1)
  • Heat Storage Unit (Premium) (Legendary LVL 1)
  • Iron Plating (Epic LVL 11)
  • Iron Plating (Epic LVL 11)

Secondary Mech (Bad Physical Lol Help):

Mech Summary:

  • 917 HP

  • 252 Energy

  • 128 Regeneration

  • 246 Heat

  • 123 Cooling

  • 11Phy / 16Exp / 11Ele

  • 1 Walking 2 Jumping

  • Zarkares (Actually Insane) (Legendary LVL 17) People told my to not myth this yet, and to wait to myth WEAPONS when I get some good ones. They told me I’d have too much Mythicals (I have a spare Mythical Avenger from back when they were good).

  • Iron Boots (Legendary LVL 7)

  • Void (Legendary LVL 1)

  • Night Eagle (Legendary LVL 16)

  • Nightfall (Legendary LVL 17)

  • Nightfall (Epic LVL 1) I just got this like an hour ago.

  • Terror Cry (Legendary LVL 11) People say this isn’t good.

  • BackBreaker (Legendary LVL 21) Mixed Opinions on this. I’m only using this only because I have 0 Annihilations, Mercys, or any other physical weapon with close range.


  • Heat Capsule Unit (Epic LVL 1)
  • Energy Engine (Epic LVL 1)
  • Energy Engine (Epic LVL 1)
  • Energy Engine (Epic LVL 1)
  • Energy Engine (Epic LVL 1)
  • Cooling Mass Booster (Epic LVL 1)
  • Cooling Mass Booster (Epic LVL 1)
  • Energy Mass Booster (Epic LVL 1)

People are also telling me to upgrade my modules, and get some more Iron Platings.

Some are just saying to wait until I get better items before I myth anything, and transform spare epics to legendaries in the meanwhile. List suggestions below:

I’ve never gotten an Annihilation in all the time I’ve been playing this game.

thAncce My fEllow cOmRaDEs

also for the second mech try this build just replace windigo with zarkaras
and since you dont have annihilation just keep this build in mind
also void teleport grapple hook and charge

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Ok thanks. I really want the Annihilation soon and I’ll keep that build in mind. Although Zarkares seems a lot better than Windigo. I’ll look more into it. Thanks!

yah i just dont have zarkares

hey @WinzKay could you help this energy piolet with his mech

okay, color is replying, and he/she is a good energy mech, will definitely help you out.
but i will do so too(my opinion)
Use grimreaper only as an anti energy mech. It has low hp, and low heat.If you want a more rounded one, use naga, or even have a good set up.(2 knock back, two push) Best energy drone, and excellent draining weapons.
But the thing is, you energy stats are crap.313 energy and 118 regen is very low.the heat is good, so is the cooling.for now, concentrate more on modules, try to increase hp,a and energy.

most energy mechs at rank 11-10(same as me) have 400/160 energy/regen (in the least)
your physical mech has too low hp, but modules are good.Weapons suck.

When you are boosting stuff,first max out torso(legend, or course) the the legs.
Please dont use that many weapons, waste of weight.
for weapons you could do this- Backbreaker,terror cry, dual nightfall OR back breaker,dual nightfall,night eagle.
brennan’s build here is a hugger, and will really annoy the crap out ouf your enemies.

the thing is, zarkares is 17 kg heavier than windigo, has almost equal heat cap, and 100 more hp.
Windigo is the most rounded, can be used as anything.

i am no expert, but you could fight me one on one to see how bad your energy stats are(my ign is PookiMaga, if you reply i will be happy to batle you, will be in global chat if so)

Cheers mate.


i like this part hahahhaha :heart_eyes:


Thanks for all the tips. Many others also told me to focus on my modules, so I’ll divert my attention on upgrading energy modules for my energy mech. I’ll also make sure to max out my zarkares and iron boots to lvl 40 legendary. Thanks!

I’ll also consider replacing the Zarkares with the Windigo. Thanks!

Only problem is claw users :joy:

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no problem…
we in the forums are here to help!

Wait a minute… Brennan’s Build? Wot. What’s a Brennan’s Build lol?

you know my pic i posted

ohhh sorry i didn’t see the username properly my bad

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Cough Cough There’s a General thread about this Cough Cough


welp. guess im bad. i just made an account for the forums so i had no idea about that thread. sry.

It’s alright, People on that General Thread has a lot of experiences on build very effective builds, Ask there and add a pic of your mecha and they’ll help as much as they can

People chose Naga for it’s better heat stats and hp, making you unequip that extra Iron Plate if you are equipping GrimReaper, but the problems with Naga are it has slightly more weight being 335kg while GrimReaper having 329, also slightly, SLIGHTLY less energy, but these are tiny problems anyways.

HP is quite nice, Very low energy cap (Especially when your Malices are myths) and very low energy regen, that’s not gonna support all your weapons. Decent Heat cap for energies, Good cooling for energies. Also very good resistances.

Ok now that’s a good energy torso, but be aware of your heat and HP, but by the looks of your heat cap and cooling, it’s da’mn good!

Amazing drone choice, mine is Windforge which is basically its father, they have the exact energy drain.

Ok, for the build that you’re going, is pretty good, but you might want to drop out one Last Words and replace with Grim Cobra… Actually no that’s worse, keep it that way. For the Malices thats good drain dmg, but too much cost for your 313 energy and 118 regen, better upgrade dem’ modules.

Me to :smiley:

Huh, that’s why you have such a good cooling, better replace one with an Energy Engine or Energy Capsule Unit for timesakes, so you don’t get drained by your own weapons.

Bad if only one, decent if paired with Energy Capsule Unit (Only use one at Epic, don’t use common or rare ones.)

Nice. Especially the Heat Storage Unit, I fused mine away ;-;

Iron Plates are very good for HP choices, well, it is the only one :confused: (excluding the INCREDIBLY rare Platinum Plate, also fun fact : Iron Plates has less than half hp of Platinum Plates at maxed myth? Sad I know)

Ok HP is pretty bad, but that HP will be boosted by a mile if mythical Zarkares.
Bad energy cap and regen.
Bad heat cap and cooling.
Resistance is bad. But I guess all of that will be forgiven if Zarkares is myth.

Probably the best physical torso choice since Brutality, but you said you had a Mythical Avenger? Use that instead if you’re going to make a REAL physical mech that will fight other physicals, but Zarkares is very good for anti-energy and anti-heat physical builds.

Good legs choice.

Best drone choice, Period.

The 2nd best physical top weapon next to Spartan Carnage and Mighty Cannon.

Amazing weapon choice, but remove 2nd Nightfall (The epic one).

Bad. Just bad.

Decent, but use it if you have no Annihilations.

OK, if Zarkares is maxed myth, you’ll have LOW Hp, Good heat cap and very good cooling, by the looks of it, you are a Anti-Energy physical, I will give you more details down below.

OK that’s alot of Energy cap and Regen for a Anti-Energy physical, but good anyways.

For energy, this is my build for today.

Good HP for Rank 8-5 energies.
Almost Impossible to drain energy. (Unless the enemy has Valiant Sniper or EMP at maxed legendary or Myth in any level, then you better make a plan fast or you’re screwed)
Decent Heat (Very low for any energies, unless you’re a pure energy mech, then that’s good).
And, remember to equip No-Energy grappling hooks, they will help you.
Also, this a nightmare for any physical builds, but will easily lose to No energy Heat builds and Anti-Energy physical builds.

My Upcoming Physical mech is a pretty solid one.

Dunno about this, but from my speculations from Rounded Phys Mech of today, this is :
Good HP.
Decent Energy but bad regen.
Good heat and decent cooling.
Good mobility.
Dunno wtf this build is good at, never tried it yet.


Thanks I’ll make sure I post my mech there as well.

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