Help needed with Physical weapons!


Hello everyone!
That’s the thread where I plan to discuss and receiving some help about my physical weapons; I plan to update it everytime I have a new request. Thank you for your help! :grin:

[Old topic] I have both Nigh Eagle and Reckless Beam and from my understanding, the first one is a good weapon; am I wrong saying Reckless Beam is kinda useless, instead?

> I’ve burned Reckless Beam since I don’t wanna sit like a duck and wait for ass-ripping (cit.)


depends, reckless Beam is a kinda of ok, since it weights only 35 kg. If up against pushers(heat ones), it becomes a greater wepon then night eagle.
If you are up against energy…they both suck.
If you are up against close quarters brawler… depends…if they are phis you can breack range and use both…reckless having a slight avantage… if the brawler is heat… you are against a heat brawler… well both of them are useless, and your anihilations and stomp do the talking(pack 240 cooling, or else he heats you a new hole).


Well, from this analysis seems like Reckless has more utility than Eagle; that said no one in top 10 have a single Reckless packed while many of 'em ride an Eagle :pun intended:
Not trying to say you’re wrong, just trying to understand this game better.

I’m doing this kind of question cuz I’m trying to keep my inventory as tidy as possible: don’t wanna store unnecessary item (plus I can use 'em for upgrading purpose if they are not needed). I also understand that excluding some weapons that are top tier no matter what a lot is linked to personal playstyle and the other weapon you’re carrying on your Mecha, so I don’t pretend any yes or no answer :sweat_smile:


In my opinion NE is the only option. See, if you pack it, it is completely in synch with any other physical weapon. It is range 3-6 and pulls, so if out of range, you can position the enemy in range of Annihilations/Seraph or Nightfall. The NE gives you combo assault no matter what. And this is most important. Also, it is a nice defense against Corrupt Light/Crimson Beams (range 3 weapons that are so annoying when firing double salvos). You can pull the opponent closer and all he can do is to jump away, which means you win… For me it is the only option… With Reckless you sit like a duck and wait for ass-ripping…NE is 3 use limit, which means it is strong. Reckless is unlimited. You do not need unlimited shots, battles are quite fast nowadays. Besides, if it is unlimited, it must be weaker than NE.


That’s pretty much what I thought when I’ve first seen Reckless stats :joy:


what about mighty cannon?


Ask Wepwawet, she uses this one. Personally I think that the most important thing in physicals is high damage (+ for MC), and resistance shredding potential (- for MC, Mighty shredds regen and heat, i think, which is nonsense in physicals). And it consumes a lot of energy and heat. And it is heavy… and it has range 4-8, which is awkward…


i also have two nightfalls and 1 annihilations


i don’t think it does that to heat + regen, at least i have never seen it do that


It makes sense.
MC is really cool (and more usable than its heat/energy counterpart imo) but you probably don’t wanna fight on a distance when you’re on a physical build; seems Annihilation, Nightfall and NE are a good combo there.
Mercy would be awesome too, but it’s more difficult to obtain.
I also like Terror Cry since it’s fairly light and expecially for its 0 cost, but it’s a 2-4 push so it kinda doesn’t fit in the combo there.
Dunno anything about the sniper (guess its name is Desert Fury) while I’ve just burned Reckless Beam :sweat_smile:


I think terror cry isnt 0 cost( it is the phis pusb grenade thing right?).
The only 0 energy phis are the anihilation, the purifier, and mercy, i think.
The only 0 energy heat, are sorow, rekoning,desolation(artilary looking top wepon).
The only 0 energy energy… is the stomp.


You’re right, just checked my TC; that means @Andernut listed a wrong info in his thread since it says TC has no cost (tagged here so you can easily correct it, Andernut).

Also, what is purifier? I’m not sure I’ve already seen it :sweat_smile:


It happens :slight_smile:



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Actually I can suggest a few. first Iron Boots give a great stomp for physical damage, followed by Rapid Destruction for an AC or Auto Cannon effect as a long range shoulder mounted weapon.

Then for arm mounts there is the Metal Piercer, both in 6 and 9 barrel set. It requires some energy to use like the Rapid Destruction but again a great Auto Cannon type weapon for 2-4 range effect. The Rapid Destruction is of course 3-6 range.

All of these don’t require use as an energy weapon, more cannon or ballistics, yet at the same time too depending on play can compensate for not generating heat, although in turn getting struck by heat generated weapons is a different story.

Mind the range, and also what you are going up against and well battle should be good. MM is another thing though.

Keep in mind the weapons I suggested are only two turn limit use. A little applied thinking like a composer to a symphony and you have a good gun set build for a physical damage mech.


Erm… right… Rapid Destruction? Auto Cannon? Metal Piercer? Aren’t they just low level weapons? I thought we are discussing here options for mythical weapons…


obvoiusly @BloodEagle has never even heard of legendary and mythical categories


Oh I’m sorry I thought the issue was physical damage? Oh wait! It is!

“Help needed with Physical weapons!”

Hmmm harassment based on level of player in game I wonder. Mordulec.


Apparently someone wants to fuss about higher level weapons. But also pick on a player of lower level? Topic: Help needed with Physical weapons! Not harassment of how long another player or what level they are.

Read the topic oliboy23.


You quoted the title of my thread, actually.
Topic was Night Eagle vs Reckless Beam, as clearly expressed in the first post of this thread. But whatever.