Help needed with levels


So guys. I was thinking day and night about a idea and I found it. So I calculated that leveling up once gives some gold.
So I am level 65 ,85 needed to level 150
So I level gives 100000 gold
Therefore 85 × 100000= 8500000 gold.
That’s why I started farming hell today.
Collected about 900000 gold after 4 hours.
Give your views about this idea


For collecting xp 60000+ 40000 for leveling up


I think that this is to much gold…


Yeah good for upgrading items


collected in 4hour grind


You use refill?


1 level gives 100 thousands gold?
In my days,they used to give a little over 10 thousands…


1 level gives around 40-60k based on your level


So let me explain. For leveling up you need xp. Xp comes from playing missions. For example overlords den mission 6 on hard gives 14000 xp and 7000 gold. So for 10 rounds . 10×7000 = 70000gold and for leveling up 30000 gold. The total is 100 thousand gold


For leveling up you get a free refil