Help needed with Explosive weapons!


Hello everyone!
That’s the thread where I plan to discuss and receiving some help about my explosive weapons; I plan to update it everytime I have a new request. Thank you for your help! :grin:

[Old topic] do you prefer Supreme Cannon or Desolation? Why? (Need to choose which one to upgrade).

> Desolation is my pick. If I’m drained I’m not usually risking an auto overheating.


Well, the big question is how is your energy level doing? If you are able to field a high energy mech, supreme cannon is way better. But if you are into an energy independent one, Desolation is better… But with Desolation (range 4-8) you need 2 push weapons… Like heat shotgun and Abomination…That is really hard to position the enemy in the range of fire… Supreme Cannon is way more flexible (range 3-6).


Heck, why not both?


In my mind, I’ll use both just as last shot weapons.
Since I’m on a heater, when my opponent is in a 3-6 range I prefer using Corrupt Light; Desolation has more utility here, since it can cover range 7-8 (it’s good if I don’t wanna move my mecha after a push for some reason) and it can be an useful one if I’m drained (which is kinda a problem atm, cuz at the beginning it’s difficoult to have high heat and energy cap and regenerattion).
The obvious drawbacks are bigger autoheating, a lil less exp res drain and less damage output if I’m not wrong (I haven’t found maxed Desolation stats in the myth thread).

Cuz of weight limit :sweat_smile:


i like desolation better, since the no energy thing, it can catch runners(the ones that teleport away from you after they drain u),
supreme cannon fits better if you have a really high energy heat build, since it can bring the enemy back in range for combo.
Don’t see the use of both of them.


Supreme Cannon is the new Mayhem Battery, it knocks back, not pull. :slight_smile:

Also running isn’t too effective anymore, since grappling hooks and charges now don’t cost energy.


It is not the orb thingy? I thought it was the orb thingy… fire worm or something… yeah the mayhame rocket… dont see it’s use only with other push wepons… abomination, shotgun…


Well, if you are on a heat build you probably want a heat push over a physical one. Also, I don’t need a push, just a backup weapon. Seems Desolation is the right choice here.


uhhhhh whats going on here??


yeah that’s how i see it also, as a back up wepon, in case you need to hit the target as it runs away.
A push heat mech is a good decent build. Another variation is the BBQheater build, 2 flames, and another close wepon shotgun/sword…but that is just energy dependant… and the way the heat wepons are now… they overheat u more then the oponent… you need alot of heat and alot of energy.
The most viable build i have seen so far, is Flushy’s build and Earthy’s build, they are energy independant, that work fairly well. The only downside of those, you need alot of “exclusive” wepons and a must on the myth plates and protector.


If you have these, any build is good. And like I said before, you don´t even need to be a good player.

I miss the times when 3x3 was played and brain was used. I was very much a fan of the replays of Andernut, for ex, when the tactics were in the changes in battle. It was a treat to see these fights.


Desolation! it needs no energy and has the best range.


cooks/heats you more then the enemy…


It’s all about the r a n g e


4-8 is the worst range, not the best one. :slight_smile:


well if you pack 2 desolations, and 2 sorows… it’s all about the range…bout the range…bout the range…no trouble :doughnut:


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