Help needed with Energy weapons!

Hello everyone!
That’s the thread where I plan to discuss and receiving some help about my energy weapons; I plan to update it everytime I have a new request. Thank you for your help! :grin:

[Current topic] > Top Weapons: do you prefer Hysteria or Grim Cobra? Why? It would be nice to have some insight.

[Old topic] I have a Spinefall in my inventory and I’m kinda curious if it’s any good or if I should use it as transformation material. It seems kinda meh to me :sweat:

> Decided to keep it in my inventory as for now.

i belive it has hidden regen dmg… like -13 energy regen.
And the final stats are similar to last words, 95 energy dmg, and -5 res drain.

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So - in your opinion - should I keep it or weapons like Valiant or Hysteria will always be better?

Yes there’s a hidden stat - it’s actually -7 energy regeneration damage when maxed out. The problem I find with spine fall is it’s a pretty niche weapon that’s hard to combo. Sure, it has high damage, but that’s coupled with 95 drain, a ridiculous 75 energy cost and a 4-8 range.

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Valiant is the strongest top energy wepon, that is why it is OP.
Guys that have it and use it, the valiant will just say it is not, but it has the highest drain, the highest res drain, and the lowest consumtion.
This wepon is on par with Hysteria, but is just more dmg oriented.
Depends on how you play, i would keep it if i didnt have hysteria(on legendary), or valiant.

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Still wondering what they were thinking with Valiant Sniper. 189 drain might be tolerable, and so might -17 armor… but BOTH? -_-

Valiant Sniper and the coldfire legendary one are both insane compared to every other weapon, neither one of which I have, nor the mythical hp plate.

Makes being an energy mech tough :stuck_out_tongue: