Help my mech needs some suggestions

So I’ve been playing SuperMechs a LOT. This is the mech i’ve come up with. Any suggestions?

And @El_Metre recognize this design? :grinning:


We fought before , i could help ya out bud!

first of all , remove the push back thingy , just takes of kilograms from you , You have got TWO last words , thats a guaranteed escape route.

Try to put in a grim cobra if you have spare kg , it really helps out.

As anything else , just upgrade everything :slight_smile:

We’ve played before too.

Once you have a pretty good set up there’s not that much to be done besides a) upgrade everything more and b) pray for strong legendary/mythical-only items.

Energy mechs are the most dependent on hard-to-find items.

If you can find a Valiant Sniper, a Windforge, a Bunker Shell, a Bulldog or an Ash Creator that’ll make a big difference. Same with a mythical plate. Otherwise it’s just more upgrading :slight_smile:


Decent looking mech, glad i was the inspiration for it.
Unfortunatly, only upgrades are needed, to take them to full fused mythicals… and ofcourse like @Blex said… pray for a mythical hp module… makes all the diference(way too OP). But that is all you need.
Adding an ashgenerator, might seem like a good ideea, and it would fit if you let go of the legacy push, but will leave u open to strong phis, and high energy heaters.


Thanks everyone for the tips! Hopefully on Halloween there is an event that gives those legendaries. :slight_smile:

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We’ll see tomorrow! :slight_smile:

El Metre’s mech is pretty much the best you can do energy without finding legendary/mythical-only items.

After playing vs you today Destroyer, maxing one of your Last Words is probably the most important upgrade right now.

There are alot of decent build out there that can be made with epic to myth wepons. Unfortunatly they can not hold their own when paired against top of the line builds that are made with certain OP wepons( valiant sniper).And they can’t hold their own against a build that has 2-3 myth hp plates.The diference is to big in hp 340-510… that cant be compensated by skill or creativity.
Once/If they nerf the myth hp modules and protectors then the ground would even up a bit and skill would be needed more.Until then, feel free to participate in the GOAT tournament, only skill needed.

So i’ve removed my push, now i’m stuck with a dilemma.

  1. Grim Cobra or Spinefall?
  2. Face Shocker or Snack?

If I go with Grim Cobra, I can use Face Shocker. If i go with Spinefall, I will have to stay with Snack.


i would go with Hysteria, i find it a bit better. Grim Cobra provides also tactical advantages, by positioning certain enemies at a range. Spinefall works good with Snack tho, drain resist, also i belive it has hidden stats, in the form of dmg to regen.
Can’t tell you much between Face Shocker, i belive it is slightly better then Snack. Would keep an eye out for Windforge drone.