Help me with my mech

So it turns out, I had this other legacy account that I abandoned after the new reloaded update came, and because drop rates were better back then, I actually have a pretty “good” energy mech on it. I’d like to revive it a bit more, so give me some suggestions.

(And yes, this is the account I got the legend Naga and Faceshocker)


Legendary Faceshocker
Legacy Hook
Epic Teleporter
Legacy Charge

change hungering beam with last words

Get some of the new modules, that will help you out. I recommend using a malice beam instead of the energy version of the dawnblaze.
Your module set-up in the end should end up being 1 health module, 4 heat modules and 3 energy modules.
I know its hard to get but youl want a valiant instead of the hysteria. A good final product loadout would be:
ash creator, valiant sniper, dual malice beam and bunker shell
(if the weight permits)
Good Luck!

I don’t have last words yet. Only the reverse version, which I forgot the name of.

Hahaha… if I even get those in my life time I’ll be happy.

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So… this happened:

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