Help me with my energy mech please!


I have:
Max myth avenger torso (looking to change)
Max myth lightning supporter legs
2 max myth malice beams
2 max legendary last words
Max legendary hysteria top weapon
Max legendary torment drone

I can upgrade 3 legendary items to mythical if I need to

Please share your recommendations on what pieces I should change / What energy torso should I get? / Is a double malice beam, double last words, hysteria top weapon + torment drone a good build? / Should I switch to the face shocker drone?

All suggestions are welcome / Thank you!


Change Avenger to Naga, ditch the Hysteria because you already have 2 max myth MB’s. Use the added weight for more health.


zarkares+lightning supporter+2 last words+malice beams+hysteria+faceshocker is the best e-l mech if you don’t have premium energy items.
And can you show me your mech pic?


Apply a valiant sniper.


valiant sniper defently


I already said that bro


you can do either of these:
remove one malice beam
remove the hysteria

change it to faceshocker,or windforge if you have it