Help Me With Mech Build


I’m going for an electric build and just got a ton of epics and legends. I’m gonna just list off some of the better items I have acquired.


-Grim Reaper

Side Weapons
-Malice Beam

Top Weapons
-Supreme Cannon

-Energy Mass Booster
-Heat Engine

Legs (Searching for some decent electrics)
-Devouring Paws
-Grave Diggers (legendary)

Thanks for the help guys, I’m still trying to understand the differing weapons and there power and how to balance everything.


wow, a new drone called windigo


First of all, Windigo is a torso, not a drone. Wait until you get a faceshocker for your electric build. Go with Naga for the electric torso, and save Zarkares for heat or physical. They are the best torsos, and you are lucky to have gotten them. Malice beam is fine for electric, and annihilation and nightfall are useful in physicals. Desolation and supreme cannon can be used for damage heaters, and savagery for boilers. Make sure to use engines, as they are more useful than mass boosters. Use the grave diggers as myth food, but the devouring paws are good for heat mechs.


I fixed it. I meant windforge.


Get Grenade Launcher like Last Words, shotgun Bulldog , two top weapons like Valiant Sniper, some rockets like Bunker Shell and etc. Then ask us about it =)


for energy use
faceshoker or windforge as drone, faceshoker if you can, windforge to save weight

zark for against heat and good hp
grimreaper for high energy
Naga for high hp and decent heat compared to grim, but lower energy than grim

lightning supporters

for side weapons, if you can do:
2x last words
malice beam

top weapons:

depends on what you wanna fight against, and how much weight you have left