Help me select an energy torso! Poll!


I have a completely useless Nightmare torso on for my energy mech and I have a need to change it… :sweat_smile:

  • GrimReaper
  • Naga
  • Other (If so then please tell me why and how)

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Thank you to the voters and helpers!! :heart::heart:


If you have mythic plates go with Grim if you don’t use a higher hp torso like brutality with energy modules as an example.


:smirk: 100% Grim Reaper


And I say test Naga. I bet you do not have any Myth HP plates, so with Grim you will suffer from a low HP pool. While with Naga you can invest the same energy capacity, plus you do not have to mount as many heavy (40 kg) HP plates. No one has ever tested it. But Brutality is also a very viable option. Good HP pool, plus you can mount more energy at the cost of heat (optionally mount some cooling module).


I chose windigo/bruilty these two are not energy torso but they are good with higher HP, higher cooling, just add some energy mouldes.07 PM


I will try to use both or even maybe three including the brutality. thanks.


What do you think of the Zarkares?


i think with the proper set-up it is good for all types


Avenager and zarkares is good when you don’t have mythical plates


But the resistance? Do they matter?


I am using a nightmare… What’s a good setup for that? For now…?


Use mythical resist if you don’t have than do not use.


And show your full mechs.


I prefer grimreaper if you want to use a energy torso. Sith sucks


My mech right now…

28 PM


Stats? ( 20 charamcnjk)



naga, it isn’t maxed, so the final stats for a lvl 50 myth are
hp 1830
heat cap : 282
energy cap : 635
cooldown : 114
regen : 272


grim using 4 epic hp plates



How to you get 20+ mythicals?


Here ya go…

45 PM


Use one milce beam, not two and you can add a energy style of ressless beam( sory I forget the name)