Help me Please im bad at the game

Hi im SeanFeng and i need help with my mech ive just got back playing supermechs

Mech details:

Torso: Galaxus Model C Weight: 391 Hit Points: 462 Energy: 135
Energy Regen: 30 Heat: 90 Cooling:24 Fle Resist: 6

Leg: Electric Mass Weight: 60 Hit Points: 50 Energy Dmg: 80
Fle Dmg: 65

more later name: Ghost Killer/lol0p

Just remove the old items and add some new items that’s itok

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wait!!! this will take time to type, dont do anything.

don t fuse those items
keep them

just make another 2 mechs and keep this one
if you will fuse those items you will get some useless power kits

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And don’t forget to get the new items cause of it deos les damage

okay mate… lemme help
1- calm down, and read each and every word carefully.
2- The game has changed drastically now. There is an inventory limit, and you will not get any items until you clear it.I think this sums it up. If you are having troubles in managing inventory space, convert a few of your items(that you don’t want , not all) to power kits.
For now, keep playing campaign and get stuff.
3- to make items better, you need to fuse. Fusing now costs gold.
4- Keep playing, dont keep more than 1 element(heat, energy, physical) in your mech.
5- Dont buy premium boxes or packs, save up tokens for item portals(you just missed one, no problem)

6- You will notice that you will drop ranks. Let the ranks drop, until one point you find it stabilizing. Then, get good items, focus on one elemental type, and play.
7- Until you reach rank 9 or so, do not play the item portals(you could try but will be impossible for a few months, I know in point 5 I have said play, but you need to have a good mech for that)

8-Buy premium packs for epics and legendaries. Mythicals don’t drop from boxes, you will have to upgrade an item to max level, then transform it. the pictures below will explain what i mean by this.

Okay. in this picture,look at my torso. In the stats of it, you can see a transform range(colored dots)
Blue means rare, purple is epic, yellow is legendary, red is mythical.
once max level, you might be able to transform an item(a green up arrow tells you this)

to transform an item, you must give certain number of items of the same tier. for example here, to convert my torso from LEGENDARY to mythical, I must give 5 LEGENDARIES to transform it.



Mate, your torso gave me a massive surge of nostalgia

The grace period ended,when I returned I have 800/100 inventory space.erase that part pls :slightly_smiling_face:

seriously? crap!

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Frist of all,nice to meet you Sean.
And second of all you have old items.

Do not convert them.

wait is that a purple mech? :open_mouth:

Your truly old colour kits :slight_smile:

why did they remove it lol that’s nonsense!

Don’t ask me…ask ts for an example.

Lol, dont use it anymore… It was awesome when I played 3v3… but as you can see, several energy items are collecting dust…
might make one some day, but that day is far, far away.

they’ll never respond >:(

yea i know about transform its just my mech r bad lol

yeah… i didnt even know what they do i put those coclour on when i was like 7

( thought it was like something thats gonna give be soo op stuff xD im stapid)

Nice to meet you @Sean_Feng, I am SeanChoi1870
Welcome to the Forums!!!

If you want to keep the same look then

Torso: Naga
Legs: Devouring Paws