Help me. My Account Got Hacked


My BD account was hacked last night

When i logged in, i saw a avatar which is not mine. He also changed my email. When i tried to re-put that email, it shows that it is already associated with another account. Now, when i put new email and password, logging in shows this message -


Any help would be greatly appreciated and remembered.

Commander Anish Mal a.k.a The Winter Soldier


Hey Anish,

Best to directly message @Alexander about this.

Sounds like you may have logged into a different/old? BD account by mistake though.


It means you need to activate your account.

Please check the spambox of your emails for a mail from the system.

Alternatively you can email me at with your username from the original registration email.

I can only activate it manually when you send the email from the one used to create the account.


Thanks Alex. I dont know you but really thanks for the help. When i checked inbox, i didnt get email , so i had to check the spambox. But can you please help me to associate my account to the new email?


you mean there are hackers on battledawn which actually do useful things? damn


As mentioned, please email me then with the email you used to register.



Well i cant open my old accanymore. I dont know the email either . Lucky you are :joy::joy: