Help me I don't know what to do

Okay, so I decided to quit BD , but I just don’t know what to do in the “extra” time! I reduced the time I spend on SM a lot and now I don’t have anything to do when I am not studying - during breaks! I feel like playing again, but then I spend too much time on it

Pls give me ideas what to do in my free time.

pre-teen supermechs player lacks the dedication to play bd?

what a shocker.

do whatever the ■■■■ you want. if you want to play sm, then play it, if not then don’t. for god’s sake, it’s not rocket science.

I think you got it wrong -

I quit BD because I spend too much time on it and don’t focus on school. I reduced the time I play SM too… but now I don’t have much to do in my free time . I need some help :confused:

go outside
play with friends
read a book
listen to music
do sports


Book a vacation. Read a book. Write a book. Book a vacation for your book.