Help! I cant register!


Every time i try to register for the game it says my email is not valid, currently the email that i tried is called, i dont know why its invalid, any help for me?



Sorry to hear that!

Might have registered already and not have it properly updated. Tried reopening the game?

If so, try

Its a trick and will lead to the same mailbox!

If that still doesn’t work, could you tell me your colony name, world and your attempted username?

Then we’ll investigate.

Thank you!


Thanks for your help, however, the email trick did not work.
My colony name is Yeet, my world is earth 1 and my attempted username is ythofroot


Mmm. Very strange. Could you try ?

Worst case scenario, feel free to use something random like ‘’ and then simply message me your username and I’ll fix it for you this time. I’ll take a look into why it denies some emails later.

Thanks for reporting this. :slight_smile:


It Worked! Thank you so much for your fast replies and help!


No problem! Enjoy the game. Feel free to ask anything else :slight_smile:


Alexander u really love this game… Feeling proud…:slight_smile: what a dev we have :slight_smile: