Help i cant log in

help me i cant log in can someone help me please? i dont know the password but the username is ObsidianGnome

Hi @MANGO_Gnome_tigerbla !

You should pm this person:

@Sarah247 She is admin of game and can help you! :slight_smile:

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Do you still have the email associated with your account?

@Alexander @Malicewolf

Try using the reset password link above. It has to have an email linked to the account to do this.


Ralfman, Sarah isnt connected to Battle Dawn, as far as i know. And in no way is she an admin of it.

Alexander is the one he should contact (he was tagged above by Anon

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Sorry, I didnt read well, I thought it was SuperMechs, In the End it leads to same result, BattleDawn and SuperMechs have same Account Database! :slight_smile:

@Sarah247 can you please help me?

there is no email linked. ive tried all 5 of mine

Do you know the username of the account? if so I can double check that it exists.