Help for mech wup 20 chars

So my mech idea is dual DB with abomination or magma blast. As I said before, I have a myth dawnblaze, and I recently maxed my clash. I need ideas for F2P push items, and I also rly need another dawnblaze. Tell me if that is a good mech.

  • its ok…
  • I think that it is good
  • the idea is great
  • not going to be that great…

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and here’s another one for gameplay.

  • Good for campaign
  • good for raid
  • good for arena

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Mighty Cannon.
That top weapon is a heater’s standard :slight_smile:

But…Why dual DawnBlaze’s?
One would work just fine.Maybe a Mighty Cannon if your weight can afford it?
The thing drains resistance and does very good damage.
I don’t think you’d have enough weight for a Desolation (or you’d need to give up on modules/another weapon;'thing has 70kg)…A pretty good build would be Abomination,MC,Desolation and Clash.
Even so,your current/ideal build would be okay.But you’ll need energy.
Maybe work on it’s build/strategy a little bit?
So,I’m gonna vote judging your ideal build,with Abomination,Dual DB,Abomination and Magma Blast.

Mighty Cannon is a premium item, plus is a pull item, plus is a physical item.
Do you mean Supreme Cannon?

thats a premium that does pull

He ment Supremme Cannon.
Dont make fun of not knowing all the names of the wepons. And his advice was good, supremme os better the downblaze,as long as tpu keep the enemy in range, i would recomend savagery since it heats up pretty good, and has a range up to 8.
Ps: unless you pack 500+ energy( for those 2x valiant squats out there,rhat start at 5 range), use magma blast… it is thar life saver, and can setup the combos for when in close range.


I wasn’t making fun of anything, I was clarifying, since someone who’s asking for help is probably kinda new and can feel disoriented searching for Mighty Cannon, for example, in Andernut’s thread.

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I recommend you replacing the seocnd dawn blaze with an desolation or supreme cannon.

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Thanks. I would rather replace it with supreme, and my maxed clash would be able to drain resist crazy fast

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Indeed.Sorry for the confusion…
Just realized I did the same thing on other threads…

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