Help for Current Mecha


The current items I’m using for my hybrid mecha:

Epic Level 23 Metal Booster
Legendary Level 1 Iron Boots
Epic Level 17 Arnold
x2 Rare Level 13 Rapid Destruction
Epic Level 7 Iron Grappling Hook
Epic Level 15 Hurlbat
Epic Level 1 Charge Engine
Rare Level 5 Iron Plating
Common Level 1 Iron Plating

Epic Level 18 Hot Flash
Common Level 9 Basic Teleporter
Rare Level 6 Energy Booster
Common Level 9 Energy Capsule Unit

Epic Level 15 Corrupt Light
Common Level 8 Heat Capsule Unit

Rare Level 8 Savior Resistance

Is there anything I can do to improve it?


dont be a hybrid


Yes, I know the community doesnt promote it and I plan on being a physical mech. what can I do to fix that?


For bow,just farm for items and be patient.
We all started out as hybrids because of the lack of items.
Just make your mechs however,farm,level-up,unlock campaign levels and find items.Then you’re onto serious building.


I can tell you my build, Though it has some items that are pretty difficult to get, Anyways

Anti Electrician Build (Works for me nicely at least)

  • Torso - Zarkares
  • Legs - Iron Boots
  • Weapons - Annihilation x2 Night Eagle x1
  • Drone - Hurlbat (Void will work better)
  • Special items - Teleport, Hook and Charge
  • Modules - Maxed Epic Plate x4, Heat Engine x1, Mass booster x1, Energy Engine x1

Damage Maker (Just deals more damage I guess?)

  • Torso - Zarkares
  • Legs - Iron Boots
  • Weapons - Annihilation x2, Night Eagle x1, Nightfall
  • Drone - None
  • Special items - Hook and Charge
  • Modules - Maxed Epic Plate x4, Heat Engine x2, Mass booster x1, Energy Engine x1

Though I plan on replacing the torso for a Avenger for more HP and Replace the legs for Claw (If I get one that is)

Hopefully I helped in a way


thats how i got the seprah blade



For a physical mech, that is pretty good, but Void will do better

That is a pretty good weapon for starting off as a beginner physical mech

Very useful if fighting against energy mech with low energy, just keep in mind to get alot of heat for it’s huge heat cost

If you’re going for physical, keep that at common.

Very good for a heat mech

Boy max that out if you got physical mech

Amazing legs choice for physical mech, good legs choice for heat mech, either very bad or decent legs choice for energy (Depending on HP and your weight)

… That’s things weak

Probably use it if you’re fighting against campaign or Raid. But good enough for physical mech in arena.

But remember, don’t be a hybrid mech noone likes them