HELP: Flaming Hammer vs. Terror Blade STATS?


Hello guys!

Im thinking about which heat axe/hammer to upgrade to mythical.
Before I do that I would like to compare their stats when they are the same level.

Please post a reply with stats of this items on whichever lvl you have them pimped.

Here are my 2 items:


I’d rather get Flaming Hammer for cooling dmg Or TB for Heat dmg


Yes I know, there are many factors to consider. For me the weight and the knockback is also important. And in the end I musn’t forget the Energy/Heat Cost.

That is why I would be really grateful if people would post actual stats :grinning:




Really thank you @uhohdont for taking the time and sharing this with me.

Altho I’m still a bit undecided, since there is some differences in actual stats and the ones you shared (Weight of TerrorBlade)

So if there is someone around that can share his up to date screenshot of stats I would really apriciate it


No problem :slight_smile:


I think that you should do Terror Blade


Terror blade still coz the 3 knock back of the hammer can bite back


TB all the wayyyyyy i’m pretty sure it does better heat damage, if not then prob the same but the max heat damage is more helpful in my opinion


I could not agree more. That reason and weight with a super wide rng are the reason I havnt mythed my energy hammer.


I couldn’t agree more. Also the weight and super wide rng are the reasons I havnt mythed my energy hammer


Juggalos are cool!