Help choose an Energy Mech build

Hello, I want to build my mech but my heart balance for several configuration.

What configuration for you ?

A :



or another idea?

I would use another torso like zarkares. Ash creator shotgun, last words, malice Beam


Please dont use spinefall. dellurium or hell even grim cobra is better.
If you wanna be an anti heat and phys energy mech, then use zarkares and preferably a maximum protector if you have the weight. or else use a protector of one type. At least 1600 hp is neat for your bulid(vs energy)
if you wanna live for long vs those pesky phys and non energy requiring heat mechs, then you better make a second build just for that(anti heat and phys)

Good luck!

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Man wait some time, because on next week how say sarah swords gona take buff, after buff you will see all situation and make good choise

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2 Valiant Snipers
4 Bunker Shells



Second one looks good but use another torso like Zarkares

if your gonna use legs… use the charged walkers… and i’d say go for mech B

WMist253Reader :
2 Valiant Snipers
4 Bunker Shells

Yes it’s very good as a configuration. But I do not have any of these pieces :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you all for the answers

2 mech but use a mythical night eagle even I have almost got it maxed out even tough its level 40 legendary item