Help building anti heat/phys dps heater

Hey guys, I am a pretty dedicated electrician. But I’ve been considering building an anti phys/heat dps heater because I’ve gathered a wealth of decent heat gear. So, I wanted to ask all you professionals what gear to equip from the following list

1-magma blast
1-heat bomb
2-supreme cannon
1-heron Mark
1-heat battle axe (name escapes me at the moment)
1-dawn blaze
1-vandal rage
These items are all at there base level.
Any and all input is greatly appreciated

Legs- d paws
5-legendary max heat engines(will max)
Will look at weight issues to consider mod use

@El_Metre, some expertize needed here mate.

I always find it funny when one acquires weapons he/she does not want/need but cannot get a single item that he/she wants/needs…I’d gladly trade the whole list of arsenal for one item needed

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Simple heater :
Heat bomb, sorow, terror, HM.
4 heat engines.
1 energy engines.
3 plates.
Hook, charge, maybe teleport.

Close quarters boiler, with hidden posobility to spike heat anytime.

can relate