Help anyone admins pls

I really need help i had a acc named MythicalModesON somebody hacked it and my email it was too OP it had left 14k tokens and a bunch of items !! Please help anyone i have proofs of payments too!!
PLEASE i need that acc i spended much on it i dont wanna throw everything :frowning:
Thank you :slight_smile:


Just send a mail to the support adress. Theyll ask proff of payment. Itll go through.

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What is the support adress? i asked on facebook they did not said anything for 1 week :frowning:

Please email: [email protected] with all the details including username, user ID and the problem that has occurred.

Please remember to never give out your password to anyone or enter it to an online site that isnโ€™t the supermechs game.

hey i contacted them they did not reply in 2 days? and in facebook they say nothing :frowning:

Its the weekend for them at the moment so hopefully youโ€™ll get a reply soon :slight_smile: