Helo,,, all. Whom want 2 talk about factions event?


that’s quite possible. it might be trust level-restricted. you might have to use the forum for a bit longer. not sure if he is able to message you either.

either way, welcome back, Yix. i remember you from way back.


Oh you remember me? From like 4 or 5 years ago? hahaha


you had a big fancy black Y on a white background as your profile pic?


Yup that’s the one. Since I have started playing again I was not able to get back into that account (Because stupid young Yixil thought it would be fine to use a fake email address). It sucks but hey I am not all that bothered by it.


Yes I do remember you :wink: . Hope you doing fine.

Also it seems you figured out how to send PM as I did receive your PM.

You still on Skype?


Yeah with the PM thing Kaen was right. I just needed a few posts and then I got it.

But yeah I use Skype. Not the same one. You can Add Alex Barrow on Skype and it will show up with me. I’m the one with a pic of a guy in a white background holding a toy bear


You and your white backgrounds


What can I say? Its a good background color hahaha
Show me a better color then white for a background then we’ll talk.


I can’t find you, add me tho live:torturedzealot


people who still talk about this event are fucking retarded


Good point. I gotta write that down somewhere