Helo,,, all. Whom want 2 talk about factions event?


Ppl still butt hurt eh? Damn, we did great @leobratce



I won’t be surprised if it is not very common in BD for holding someone responsible for certain actions or giving someone the credit for their actions. Maybe not that often in current eras (bcoz they are dead) but common back then when the the game competition was on different level.


In the end I assume we all came to a conclusion that both Milan and Psi we were wrong. Both committed mistakes.

But what really disgusts me is the fact that someone takes pride in their wrongful act.

But hey for Faction event 2, I don’t only wish same leaders but even same faction if possible( at least the core players) and I really hope to see that side of @psi which Josh Alex and djina have vouched for the always ready for war player.

‘‘Winning against all odds, without back stabbing allies’’ as you said back then.


Well, I’m just having fun on ppl like you… Its nice to see how u guys have ur own opinion and ain’t open to anything else. But ye, I’m glad about my title.

Yeah, I’m used to it xD - Just gimme @leobratce, @djina, @trajic1 and Antrax and a random faction.


I’m glad I’m being humorous to you and you are having fun but I really don’t agree to the fact that we are not open to anything else.
We are accepting that it was fault on our side as well.

Well well I think @djina - the one woman army and your bae should be left on her own to take on entire faction alone instead we get Rob (Kong) and replace antrax by Milan as the original core team of BAR.


Why dont ya write a book about it?


Rather than a book I would write about it in BD tribune.


Wth why me alone again :sob: :expressionless:


Because you did so well ladt time alone.


I would respond to that with a very cliche dialogue from Indian movies.

Pigs roam in herd, tiger comes alone.


She is the master Pig. :pig::pig2::pig_nose:


Why have I been dragged into this, lol

What happened, happened. It was 6+ months ago. I don’t care anymore… everyone should just quit and live a free life :slight_smile:


Dont u need @Carter as well? Who u gonna kick otherwise?


I am Queen of pigs (Felipe, Traj, Leona…) :sunglasses:


Not dragging you or something, just that you help me understand when Bazinga speaks his language, so i thought you could help me understand what Leo meant.


I don’t think that would be necessary this time. :wink:


@Hitmo Can you send me a PM? I have no idea how to do it on this site. Many thanks


press on the player’s image or name (the big H or the name) and there will be a blue “message” button


Thanks for the help but I cant seem to see it on anyone’s image. Does it have something to do with me signing up about 15 mins ago?