Helo,,, all. Whom want 2 talk about factions event?



I agree, Factions event Part 2. We need more salt in the BD community.


Helo ther hansum gud too sea u…


Lol remember how greatly BAR members got hecked? That was hilarious. Such losers, man.

My mans Leo really outdone himself. Especially with the kicking of noobs.


Yeah, make it part 2 now. Twilight Saga theme.


I vote for the same leaders as last time. was fun whilst it lasted


Ewww no Jazz pls, dont want another loser team. Although Im used to it


Yeah, same leaders pls.


I get to lead instead of that 4e guy that led LAN but never actually was on.


Wait for meeee, Im just putting on my boots.
Ok all ready now: Eanie, meenie, miney, moe, dropping members like a pr0.


I dont want same team eww Swag :confounded:


This thread isn’t about a new event. Altho that does seem like a great idea. This thread is to have a rATIONAL dISCUSSION about what happened last time about how LAN was the best alliance, so they won while the rest, the rest, just weren’t.


Altho it took the entire LAN alliance just to kill Djina…


awww it was fun tho, we kept dancing with Kael till he got annoyed


Well then BAR members were greedy and thought they are bla bla bla and got kicked like noobs :joy: :joy:

Alot of drama :heart_eyes:

Is that better?


Thanks, love. Much better


lets be honest some psi is a coward leo is coward and trajic is ranias slave thats why bar was destroyed because leo/trajic/psi were ranias pets and wanted LAN to win #Rigged #Stabbers


Now now, boy. How are they cowards? Thing about trajic being rania slave has been confirmed already tho


They arent stabbers. The leader cant backstab himself. Unpossible.