Hello, You don't know me

You don’t know me, I don’t really play this game but I just wanted to see how alive it is still, I remember seeing this 5 or 6 maybe more years ago and trying it once as a child but then forgot about it. I just want to leave a little message saying I was here. I hope you all enjoy this game.


Well… normal I will say hello but hi :slight_smile:

Plant on E1, join AGE, take the win :smiley:


Should pop in some time. See what the fuzz is about :slight_smile:


I used to play in 2013, can i join? :slight_smile:

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You sure can, but don’t join AGE, join us over at RBL!

You don’t know me
But my name’s Cy
I’m just the O’Hare Delivery Guy
But it seems like trees might be worth a try
So I say let it welceomt new guy