Hello, Where am I?


Wat is dis gam? pls send help

I’m sorry to anyone reading this, as you can see English is not my first language so I apologize for any miscommunications.


Didn’t need to click your profile to know you’re from SM



That’s a good one!


BD and SM players together. Well I play BD as well as SM




oh no

ts conspiracies revealed


But seriously what am I doing?


u are trying to be a free kingdom but the world wont let u , they will kill your army , conquer your kingdom and if u try to rebel , even nuke your people. There are spies hidden within your people who will poison your militry or people at the right time, even lock the gates of your kingdom and checkposts so that you cannot run away to save yourself and let the enemy take over your small happy kingdom , taxes will be imposed and u will not be let to use the holy portal to sent your people to other sides of map , tbh any kind of travels outside kingdom will be stopped forcefully by your conqerer once you are conquered and all your people can do is work all day at mines come back home and pay their taxes. But once your people have developed a strong will and skill they will find a way to overthrow these dictators so that once again u can be a free and happy kingdom. You can always join other kingdoms and form alliance defend each other during time of trouble and can even ask help from other kindgoms or alliances if they also share the same opinion.

Goodluck in your Journey , may the force be with u.
Giveup never , one should.