Hello, W33DM4N, new on forum but old sm player

Hello i am W33DM4N from Super Mechs.
Real name is Ken Guin
Age is 15
Height is 7’2"
Weight is 78kg
Likes Playing n Spamming
New from Forum but an old player
Well thats all for my info


Hey u

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Welcome to forums, fellow chatter

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Hello !

Enjoy your stay here! :partying_face:

Here are some of the most useful topics!

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A topic where you can get help for your mech builds!

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Goodluck! :blush:


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+1 rep!! :3 here is your :taco: Weko give taco to you!

Nice to meet you W33DM4N

Welcome to the Forums


Height 7’2"? Damn. You are a Giant. 78kg, you must be skinny.

Welcome to the Forum. :slight_smile:

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I just recently become heavy
Now my weight is 110kg


Here’s a link to everything useful on this forum.

Everything else is trash.
jk, this forum is neat; go explore