Hello ... This Is El Metre!


Hello guys, i’m El Metre. I’m a friendly guy that likes to joke, also i like sarcasm by the lot of it.
Don’t cross me and you will be fine. Will help you out in anyway i can, advice, builds, suggestions, tips etc.
Cross me, and well you will be on the reciving end of the barrel… and i’m a trigger happy MF.
Metre comes from my native language, wich is roumanian, it’s the short for Cumatru, that means Big Brother.
Keep having fun, and don’t bully others…or well you know the drill: Click click click…


Yow watsup :stuck_out_tongue: ( Post must be always 20 characters because obviously saying “Hi” to a person is the same as liking a post :confused: )


What’s all those creepy clicking sounds at the end?


This post made me lol.


And bestplayer thougth that el metre has to do something with the SI and put you as nickname “El Nanometre”…


Shhhhhhhh. He’s sensitive about that.


I feel the need to cross… Welcome to the forums mate!


Hi El Metre, and welcome.


well evrybody is thinking about what tey are missing… quess you were thinking about it too…good to see her mental(ity) still hangs around.


Well you wanna join my exclusive club of rented mules? I promise you some nice trips around the world, you get to visit and see new places, around the world, I’m always looking for new blood to add to the stable :wink:


@El_Metre Do you mean trips with these tickets?


I like my women like my coffee. Without a penis.


nasty plot :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

maybe i must be online more time… dont know…

(yeah im lost)