Hello there, i'm rrr, also known as Trafi

I have been on this forum for some time now, but only now I have decided to introduce myself

Hi,i m Trafalgar,an old sm player,I’m not too familiar because I had several accounts, I quit several times but every time I came back, I played since super mechs used to be a facebook game.Now I’m just another dreamer who hopes someday to get to the top 10,BECAUSE THAT S MY SUPER MECHS WAY(naruto)

in what regards me

I like cats, tanks, doritos, rock and metal music(my favorite band is sabaton), animes, longboards, basketball and video games and butterfly knifes don t forghet them(It’s not always love when you feel butterflies in your stomach)
I am currently studying mathematics and computer science, and in my free time I develop games and sites as a hobby and i also play video games,a lot of them

How old i am?

i m old but not that old,i m young but not that young

where does the Trafalgar come from?

One piece

what s my favorite weapon?



999999999999999999 years old :3

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are you in the ghost division?
get it?

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Right as you said Ghost Division.
The video I was watching (Binding of Isacc) A ghost was cut into 2.
There are several things I have witnessed. Of which none of them will be answered

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

IntRoduction of OLD forumers is a trend now
Nice Name


So thats you trafa?

Damn dude , i keep stubbling upon you in the Arena Lol

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cough note his profile picture is from One Piece. A guy named LAW that can take out a human heart but keep them alive.
Hence his name in SM. Trafaglar. Trafaglar Law.

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Trafffiii,I love you bro!

You finally decided to let us know of your existence.

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same bro

what do you thing about my introduction?

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Why mention if you are not about to tell

was some kind of joke,also those are some lyrics from a song

Counting stars? :smiley:

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ding ding we got a winner XD

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That was the killer.


Also,finally someone that knows the difference.

Well,I have to do this everytime someone introduces themselves and they seems serious (in your case,I know you and you pass right on the point).

Welcome to the forum!
In this virtual place,you’ll learn many things SM-related and non-related as such,meet new people (looks in the mirror for a sec) and have lots of fun taking place in discussions,jokes,debates and all that good stuff.
Again,welcome here and I hope we all get along (lmao we already do).

(Literally,he’s inter-high tier,around rank 3-4 most of the times)

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i m rank 2 now bro
don t ask how,i don t know
maybe magma

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Ohh… so you a trafalgar(hello again :smile:) … well you introduce yourself and that important and what your favorit anime?

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Is it becoming popular to show up months after you entered? xD

lol, this sounds like something the spy from TF2 would say…

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