Hello people!I'm new in here!

Hello People!Iโ€™m new in here.My name in Super Mechs is Shit. I hope u r gonna be good mates and Merry Christmas and New Year!:tada: :tada:



Merry Christmas to you too. :slight_smile:


welcome to the forum, mate. this is the real game. nobody plays that Super Mechs trash anymore. we here play the Forum game.

You make a good post, you get likes for it. you make an illegal post, you get warned or banned for it. unlike in the game where you have no clue what you are gonna get, and you input $200 and get a bunch of epics and 0 legends, and you can cheat ingame and get away with it.



Iiโ€™m a veteran player.You donโ€™t have to explain anything. :slight_smile:

lol im not explaining. just showing that the forum game is more real than SM.

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Hello Toasted_bird Merry Christmas

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Hi dude also Merry Christmas