Hello New World!

Hi! names SomePug! im new to this fourm and Id like everyone to get who i am. :smiley:
i Am just a person still in school soo. ive played for 2 days and are having fun. sometimes i go insane about how i couldent do this or that. i mostly just try and get up the ranks slowly but surely. thats all i can say for now…

This is SomePug And Remember!
New Soup! (New Super Mario Bros RelaxAlax’s way)


Alright! Welcome in the forums!

Hello @SomePug nice to meet you

Howdy @SomePug! :slight_smile:

Cheers, mate! It is nice you joined the forum community! You will find answers to most questions regarding the game! And if not, visit my YT channel - Mordulec Square! I post some useful vids related to Supermechs! Cheers!


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

I’m sure we’ll all get along.
Great job joining this forum for you’ll find many useful things in here,meet a lotta new and nice people and have an extra thing to do when your day gets boring :))))))))))

What’s up Buddy…

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We’re not Even Buddys…

No offense but…What does this mean?If it’s some kind of signature then I just don’t get its role…

This ain’t a youtube video matey…And tbh who still does that in youtube vids anyways?

The “New Soup” thing i just got from a youtuber called RelaxAlax Also The thing i do in my post thats like a youtube vid i do it because uhh actually i dont have a reason i just randomly do it

Oh… Okay

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