Hello im new in here


Hello there im Luis Im mexican i speak spanish(obviously) and excellent english im 15 years old and i just did a sign up in here

my mech
the guns i have are
nightall 104-148 damage 2 uses and 4 physical resist drain
terrorcry 137-208 damage and 3 uses
head hunter 88-110
night eagle 142-225 damage 3 uses
blue madness 82-103 damage (lowest one) with 2 energy resist drain (unlimited uses)
cosmos (drone with 26-40 damage 3 physical resist drain 6 energy and heat cost)
if you find me my name in supermechs is alphaXYZ


Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here! :smile:


Hello there! Nice to see another new forumer! I hope you enjoy yourself here.


Hello @Luis_Carlos_Gonzalez Nice to meet you

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welcome to the forums
you my friend, need to improve that mech of yours…
and i know how!
first off
what type of mech do you want to build?
in my recommendation be a physical or energy… heat mechs are good but they wont get you to the top ranks easily



In here, you can mostly talk about anything! But please don’t destroy the forum rules.

Also I can help you with any build you like, but for me to do that, please tell me the build you want, there’s 3 types :

Heat Mechs : They can overheat mechs and even deal lots of damage! But they can overheat you too if you’re not careful, especially Heat Bomb.

Energy mechs : These mechs are one of the strongest types these days, but overthrown by Physicals, energy mechs can break the enemy’s energy and prevent them from using weapons that costs energy! But some weapons don’t have energy costs, so watch out. Also please, if you get EMP use it wisely.

Physical mechs : The mech types that deals the most damage, and also have the least useful weapons and highest HP! These mechs types can kill you in almost an instant, but beware of Energy mechs, most of physical weapons cost energy, except for the strongest weapon yet : Mercy.


deals lots of damage?! what kind of lies are you telling to this future pro player here?


Desolation can deal 300+ dmg when the enemy’s resistance is low

not saying heat mechs any good compared to physical and energy mechs lol

Btw,welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forums


Hello, I’m James from the Philippines, I’m amazing at English and 14 years old, Been playing this game since 2012 and here’s my mech now

Hoping I can fight you in the top ranks someday!
Weapons are:
Annihilation MAXED 200-300 Average Damage, 3 Uses, 15 Resistance Drain
Nightfall MAXED 300 Average Damage, 3 Uses, 11 Resistance Drain
Night Eagle MAXED 200-300 Average Damage, 3 Uses, 1Pull back


Desolation, Supreme Cannon, Abomination, FLAMING SCOPE, Magma Blast, Heron Mark (Useless, but strong)


Great mech,but you will need more cooling and regen


Working on that m8




hi new, im dad



Hi stupid, I’m not


Hello there!
Welcome to the forums!


Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


while basically every other element can do more than that in 1 turn… specially energies with the drain dmg
and phy with the 400+ nightfalls!