Hello im new here

Hi there im new here so if i can get someone to tell me about this place that woud be nice thanks and peace out

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This is the Tacticsoft Forum
You can discuss about game mechanics , Give suggestions and other stuff
Earn trust level ,Get access to secret /less public topics as you go deep into the community

thank you so much i really appreciate the help

Welcome to the forums. Feel free to take a look around and explore! There’s lots of cool and fun features here :slight_smile: And as TheDevil has mentioned, this is the tacticsoft forums for 2 games. SuperMechs and Battledawn (and they are split by category). So you may notice a lot of topics about Battledawn. If you do not wish to see them, you can actually personalize your account to really only inform you about SuperMech topics and updates in your user settings (which I think is a fairly cool feature).

As you post more and become a more involved member of the community, these forums actually reward you with trust levels. The highest a regular member can achieve is trust level 3, which is essentially a junior moderator status. These trust levels are earned by simply being an active user pretty much. Though, if you do a lot of things that get flagged (or misflag things) it can affect your trust level as well. But for now, just take a look around and enjoy things :slight_smile:

No need to think about trust levels just yet as a new user. Just get used to the forums and have fun!

thanks so much for the help guys

Thanks By The Way:blush: