Hello, I'm Mechitect!


I joined SuperMechs about 3 years ago and just recently returned. Unfortunately, the account I had dropped off the web, so I started over. I’m usually roaming in English - General chat, so I’ll see you there!


Hi Mechitect, I like your name


Well, thank you! Yours is cool too!


Thanks, welcome to the forums!


Thank you, I’ll do the best I can to be a decent part of the community.


one tip is to not make a topic that’s already been made… use the search bar… it ticks people off


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Welcome back, guess we share the same story :smiley:


Hello @Mechitect…Nice To Meet You…Welcome To The Forums


Oh hello Mechitect. I seen you in the game. Name is JA2, but I have changed it to something else. Also, welcome to the Forums!


hello, what’s your IGN?