Hello I'm kinda new to these new updates and I'd like to say something to tactisoft about supermechs

So first of all I lost my good old account what was lvl 30, rank 2/3, complete campaign and was called powerstorm. I’d like you to help me find this account please I’ll be very greatfull. And the second thing is… where the crud is shop with items and why are colors so expensive?

I hope SM team will help you
Did ya forgot the password or username
If you forgot password try clicking that I forgot password button
If you forgot username try finding your username here-

Shop was removed about 7-8 months ago
Someone told me -
Someone from SM team said they removed it because the shop’s huge item list scared new players I’m still laughing at this one

Some colors are expensive 'cause they discriminate colors :cry:

Its a joke if you are a Mod or Admin PUT THAT HAMMER DOWN


I think it was removed even before that

Please send an email to [email protected] for assistance. They should be able to assist you.

@Sarah247 could you please assist this player. Thanks!