Hello...i'm just playing dumb


Nothing to see here lol


welp… myth food!




Nonsense is your complaining …lol :sleepy:


ok then.

You don’t care,then get out.


Brightroar is actually good now paired with a hammer. I know from personal experience it’s more effective than double ash for close range energy encounters particularly if you have a couple of vs to whack them into the range of. Pre buff I would have agreed but I think you should give it a shot.


You don’t get it,i got that item twice.
And i’m sick of how is this drop rates.

I just realised that i made a idiotic topic…fuqing great.


Ha, we care about more essential problems like NOT getting any legendary at all from an item portal with 5 or more refills.
The fact that you get identical legendaries = some legendaries at all is already 10 levels above the issues we have to deal with.
That is what @milos3 means.

After all you complain about getting identical legendary items but you at least get legendary items.


Welp i’m an nutsack person.

Sorry about sheetyness of mine.


ITs not nonsense… its a good legendary that you got more than once.


Can we forget about this? I’m just an nutscack person alright?


Where do you even live?
The name explains me something.


Im from slovakia,… i don t know :rofl:


Oh cool.

Sorry about my sheety insult to you.
I’m just an twet.

And dumb sometimes.


No problemo :fist_right: :fist_left: :upside_down_face:


Thank you mate.
Soo since it’s spam,you don’t need to delete reply’s.

Soo i’m just gonna blame this sheety item and destroy it since i have another one.


that city is destroyed. i live in wakanda.


Slovakia is not a city.
It’s a country.


got mixed up.