Hello, I'm a returning player and... What happened to 1v1 PvP?

So I’m pretty confused with all these updates, I first played supermechs when it was pretty new, though I cannot recall any dates, ammo was a thing back then, I stopped playing then played again when the menu was stylised to be the inside of a mech cockpit, ammo was still a thing back then, then I stopped again, and came back when all the buttons for things were at the left side, those were my favorite days, then I stopped playing again because the campaign was certainly a bore, came back just a few days ago and now I’m pretty heckled, since now you get parts only by RNG boxes, and some of my items were called “legacy” and I could redeem them for power somethings?? I clicked on the guide but it’s just combat stuff that I remember.

overall I really like all of these changes, mostly the automatic campaign playing so farming is a breeze, but why can I only PvP now if I have 2 mechs? I find that really annoying.

Thanks in advance for any replies telling me useful things I don’t know.

EDIT: I would also love to know if there’s a level limit, and I think I should mention that I’ve forgotten my oldest accounts multiple times, but I think I could get them back if I wanted to, I also left one on purpose because I had no money to buy more mech parts and at the same time I had a mech that was too bad to get me any money.


big update happened, your items are obsolete now, mandated 2v2 up from rank 15, item limit and level cap is 200

Have fun


“What happened to 1v1 PvP?”

Rip 1v1 pvp… :bouquet:

The good times…


Hi mate, there has been plenty of changes indeed.
Some advices:

  • carefull with the legacy items vs power kit exchange system. Some legacy dont have reloaded counterparts and can be very usefull.
  • use carefully the power kit youll get, they are extremely usefull.
  • pvp system migrated from choosing between 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 to 1v1 before rank 15 and 2v2 only beyond.
  • XP now has a max value of 200. The reward for the final level (200) is a sweet platinium plate. One of the most usefull and also rarest item.
  • We are now slave to rng when it comes to even purchasing items. You roll the dices and see what drops. Makes it difficult to obtain specificaly desired items.

Some helpfull and knowledgable guys around. @YGGM will pop with plenty of advices i believe.
Dont hesitate to ask around, there are threads dedicated to support new comers and explain best practices with the current state of the game.


WPOTW summarized it a lot, but that’s it ^^

Ask some more things, if there are unclear points ^^


Not yet, not yet

I’m not good at giving general advices, but I can try to answer any questions without a problem ^^

Plus, you already gave some good advices XD


You have all the usefull links at reach though i guess.

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I’m too lazy to grab all the most useful ones, so I’ll just leave this there

And wait for questions :joy_cat:



Even through some things changed between when the guide was created and now (like the amount of mechs/buidls availables to build it went down from 6 to 3), it’s still pretty useful

Welcome back

This is basically a different game under the same name

Feel free to restart because all your items are useless except shields


push weapons are pretty good too

What @WinzKay said, don’t create a new account. The shields are very neat, use them to your advantage, and, as a player who just barely missed legacy, I think you had healing drones back then? Keep those for the raid, they can help get those 5 points you need to reach the top.

TL;DR keep your shield and heading drone.

Yep there is level cap previously was 150 but now is 200

I hope you dont change your legacy stuff, ince i made the error of do that.
They are like now, “Items more valuable than money offers of supermechs”
I miss my mythical legacy stuff, even my repair drone mark II

Sadly, i did change all of it, but i really didn’t have much, i was a pretty low level to begin with, never even had shields i think, only legacy thing that i thought was cool but is now gone is the HAL mech torso, i hope that wasn’t good.

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If you are above rank 15, then the game requires you to have 2 mechs for 2v2. You will not be allowed to do 1v1 above rank 15.

You’re allowed
but without any rewards
(Not even any stars)

btw @I44c, if you have a question, feel free to tag me ^^


You´ll need a ENORMOUS wallet. OR, your parents´ paypal card