Hello I am Zarkares

Hi I’m Zarkares, I hope to be useful to the community.


Hello Zarkares, I’m sure you will be a valued member of this community.


Hmmmm. Welcome. I hope the forum treats you well.


Don’t we all?

Welcome my dude. Remember, :no_smoking: or you’ll end up like me :blush: :smoking:

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Onii-chan why would you smoke?
Do you know how much I’m worried about you?


better be addicted to Super Mehc and stop addiction to :no_entry_sign:

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You have been useful, this is your channel.

It’s been 3 months since your last video you should upload something :slight_smile:


Hi I am Toxic in game


Hi Zarkares,

Welcome to the forums. We all know your YT channel here.
Happy to have you here, have fun! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the SM community!
Happy to have you there.


the health risks never put me off smoking as much as the time I shared a cigarette with some older chick and she told me she spends £55 a week or some shit on them. never smoked since.

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Hi Zarkares. Welcome to the forum. I want to do unimaginable things to certain parts of your body. Great seeing you on the forum

Complete nonsense, could you please explain what you mean with that :interrobang:

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I told him to stop smoking one thing is that you do not see the other comments before saying that I say nonsense :wink:

what is Super Mehc?

Is it a new drug?

Dumb**s, its SuperMechs.

I think you did not understand what I said, but always good to people who do not understand :wink:

Maybe he meant Super Meth.

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Maybe, we should take care with antonio.

Dont tell poppers of that, he will buy all his drugs. :astonished:

Mebbie he just hate people who forbid stuff.

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welcome! good to have you here!!!